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Chapter 6 LILY “take off everything including your underwear. Now…” I stare at Marco Marcelli, shock and desperation written all over my features. “Wh-what?” My voice is shaky with nerves. He leans back in his seat, his eyes glinting an icy cold blue. “You heard me. I intend to conduct a test to check if you are worthy to work in my club or not. So strip.” His harsh tone sends a fiash of anger through my veins. I lift my chin and stare him down, hoping he sees the disgust in my eyes. “I am sorry but I will not be doing that, Mr. Marcelli. It’s wrong.” Something dark crosses those sapphire blue orbs. guess the deal is cancelled then. You can see yourself out, but need I remind you that if you cross those doors, you might as well bid the deal goodbye. My time is precious. I do not like to waste it.” My heart thuds with renewed panic. “If you are on board with the deal, cara, then strip. Right now. Do not let me repeat myself.”

I lower my eyes to the ground, shame and anger warring for domination within my troubled soul. I can’t leave. I have no other means of paying my debts.

heave a breath and begin unbuttoning my sweater, tears of hatred pri cking my eyes. When I’m almost at the last button, Marco’s silky smooth baritone stops me in my tracks. “Eyes on me, Lily. I want to watch your shame as you strip yourself completely bare for me.” I bite my lips to stop a sharp retort from slipping and instead, raise my head slowly until my eyes clash with his burning ones. Before long, my sweater and jeans are lying in a pile at my feet, leaving me in just my lacy bra and matching thong. 1531 Thu, 25 Jan EF- Chapter 6 Marco’s heated gaze roves over me, sending waves of heat to my cheeks. “Spin slowly.” He orders. I bunch my fists at my sides in annoyance and do as he says. I’m pretty sure I hear his sharp intake of breath as my barely clad ar se comes into view. Per vert. I spin quickly and face him once more. “Are we done here?” A smug smile tilts his lips.

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“No, cara Mia. Take off the underwear too. I would love to see the full b*dy beneath all that feisty temper.” My blood is nearly boiling over with rage at this point.

“Do you conduct n*ked inspections on all your strippers?” I ask through gritted teeth. He studies me for a moment, as if trying to figure me out. “No.” He says finally. “A member of my staff does it instead. Strip, Lily.” I hide my shock behind an eye roll and reach behind to unclasp my bra. This time, I hold his stare as the lacy material falls to the ground. Next, my panties follow and I’m finally standing before Marco Marcelli, n*ked as the day I was born. He holds my defiant stare for a beat before his eyes lower, taking in my n*ked breasts and exposed S**. The air is suddenly stiff with tension…S**ual tension. My nipples tighten to two hard, peaked buds due to the cold air…at least that is what I tell myself. Marco’s gaze burns into me like a physical touch – hot, probing and searching, until my breath comes out in puffs and jolts of electricity run through my slick S**.

He gets to his feet slowly and my head snaps to his, my eyes lighting with alarm. “Where the hell are you going?” He stops. “I’m coming over to perform a proper inspection.” My heart falls. “What? No!” 1531 Thu, 25 Jan Ba Chapter 6 His eyes spark with darkness….dangerous darkness. 日气:40% Π “Did you honestly think that seeing your n*ked b*dy will be enough for me?” His eyes narrow, “I intend to touch you, Lily…to feel you, and that is exactly what I’m going to be doing. You do not have a choice.”

Wide eyed with shock, I open my mouth to speak but he cuts me short with a lift of one. slender finger.

“Just in case you do not understand, your humiliation has only just begun, cara mia. I will strip you of your choices. I will make you merciless and helpless against my will. You will be my puppet, Lily, and when I’m done with you, you will think twice before ever disrespecting me again.” I shake my head frantically at his harsh expression. When he steps forward, I take one step back. “You will not touch me, Mr Marco Marcelli. Not now, not ever.” He stops once more, his eyes dripping cold. “Fine then.” He finally says. A whoosh of relief escapes me. “Oh…” “Tristan. Samuel. Report here immediately.” My heart nearly stops as the armed guards stationed outside swiftly enter the room. I bring my hands up against my front, trying desperately to cover my n*kedness.. “What the hell are you doing?!” I scream at Marco. Tristan and Samuel openly stare at me, their eyes lighting with surprise and lust. “Since you refused to let me conduct my inspection peacefully, Tristan and Samuel will hold you down for me, just to make sure you do not make a fuss. Tristan. Samuel.” The guards approach me and I hold out my hands, trying to keep them away. “No! No, please! Please, stop this. I’ll behave. I promise.” I look over their shoulders at Marco’s merciless gaze. “Please, you don’t have to do this!”

“I gave you a choice, but you chose to disobey me once again. I am done giving you choices. Hold her down!’ In one swift swoop, the guards grab me, sending bolts of panic arcing through my 40%2 Chapter 6 frame. I fight furiously in their grip, ugly memories of the bro thel four years ago invading my vision. “Let gooo! Someb*dy help me! Please, let me go! Please….!” Tears pr ick my eyes as I slowly begin to tire out. My heart thuds painfully against my chest. I feel like I’m f ucking hyperventilating. Just when I think I’m going to pass out, I feel his hands on me. My head snaps up and hatred burns in my guts as those obscenely beautiful eyes stare back at me. “Already giving up, cara? I thought you loved to fight?” I muster every last bit of energy in me and spear him with a hateful look. “You can go f uck yourself, you shameless human being.” I spit. He smiles, a cold hard smile. His hands run slowly over the skin of my stomach and I shiver in awareness. It’s just the cold. It’s just the cold. F uck, I can already hear my subconscious laughing at me. I try to cringe away from his disturbing touch but the two guards hold me

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tighter. “Don’t touch me. I rasp. “Too late.” He says smugly. His fingers trail a fiery path upwards, past my rib cage to the swell of my breasts. I shut my eyes, my pulse racing as he cups one of the heavy mounds.

“Please, stop this.” I suddenly realize that I’m not begging him because I am scared, but because my b*dy’s reaction to this man can never be trusted. “No, cara. In fact, I am liking this…very much.” His voice is a low, seductive whisper. For a moment, I forget that there are two guards in the room with us. His thumb fiicks over my left nipple and my eyes snap open at the jolt of pleasure that has my S** clenching. I meet his burning gaze and all I see is desire- devilish, dark desire. He thumbs my aching nipple between his thumb and fore finger and pulls it sharply. I let out a shriek at the slight sting. Just when I think I will not be able to survive this, Marco lowers his head and takes my left nipple in his hot, wet mouth. Chapter 6 Shocked at the jolt of electricity that races up my spine. I jerk against the guards, trying to get away. “What the ugh, stop it.” He doesn’t listen.

Marco continues. Sucking savagely at my poor nipple, rolling the peak buds between his tongue. When I feel his teeth scrape against my sensitive nipple. I sag against him. “Please stop this. Please… “You are loving this, no?” His Italian accent is more pronounced now. His eyes are dark and heated with desire. I muster the strength to narrow my eyes at him. “I will never enjoy your hands on me. You’re a monster.” For a moment, he says nothing. Then, “Well, I’ll be the judge of that.” Without warning, his fingers leave my achingly nipples and slide against the quivering. Wet S**. I suck in a breath of surprise at the sudden intrusion. Marco draws back almost immediately and holds the finger that just touched me upwards. To my greatest shame, it is glistening with my juices. “You can lie to yourself all you want, my pet. But you can never lie to me. Never.” I’m pretty sure the guards are enjoying the show. Bas ta rds, all of them! I visibly shake with rage. “You are a grown man upset because a young girl refused your S**ual advances. You should be ashamed of yourself.” He leans back, his lips drawn in a tight straight line. “I guess you still haven’t learnt your lesson, Lily. Which means you will love our next test. Despite my rage, my heart rate picks up in panic. “What next test?” 15:31 Thu, 25 Jan EST Chapter 6 “I will test your resilience…your stamina. I will go down on you, but like all other tests, this one has a rule.” I am not sure I’m still listening to him at this point. My ears are too busy ringing. 40%

Π test your ability to control your org asm. My clients at the “You will not c um. This w club love girls who can take it for hours.” I stare up at him im shock once more. “Y-you want to go down on me? While the guards are here?” His eyes fia fiash. “Yes, Lily. And be rest assured that if you misbehave, I will tie you down on that sofa and make sure Tristan and Samuel both have a taste of that tight pus sy as well. Don’t f ucking test me, my pet. The consequences could be dangerous.” 色 SEND GIFT O