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Chapter 14 TRIGGER WARNING: THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS VIVIDLY DESCRIBED SEXUAL ACTIVITIES. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED BY SUCH. LILY Marco rubs the length of his clothed election over my cheeks and mouth, giving me an idea of his powerful size. I try to edge away but his painful grip on my hair keeps me captive beneath him. “You either behave and do this willingly or you walk out and the deal is cancelled.” His fingers fiick to his bloodied lips. “And this is the second time you’re assaulting me, Lily. I have the power to sue you.” My pulse thunders as the reality of my situation crashes down on me. “Do we have an agreement?” The blood on his face and lips gleams down at me like a murderer’s art piece. I guess this it. I I lower my eyes and nod, giving the devil the consent he needs to use me as he pleases. “F ucking look me in the eyes if you’re agreeing to my terms, Lily.” He growls. My eyes move slowly to his, dragging through his impressive erection and hard,

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muscled chest. His eyes are dark and luminous. The way this man exudes dagger and beauty so effortlessly should be studied. “Give me your words.” He orders. “Yes.” I whisper. “Yes, what?” His eyes glow with challenge. I take a deep breathe to still my quaking heart. “Yes…f uck my mouth.” His eyes darken with lust at my choice of words. “As the lady pleases.” His fingers go to unbutton his slacks and I hastily look away. I gasp in shock when he Chapter 14 yanks at my hair. “Keep your eyes on my, Lily. Don’t you dare look away.” I swallow with unease when he lowers his slacks, revealing the black Calvin Kleins beneath. I can’t do this. “Marco…I…” Marco ignores me completely. I stare in horrified fascination as he deftly rolls down the last bit of his underwear, revealing the hard “v” which leads to his no doubt pulsing c ock. When he finally gets everything off, I completely lose the ability to speak. I stare at the hard, veined monster swaying before me and begin to panic. “That will never fit inside me!” I blurt. I do not realise that I said that out loud until I hear Marco’s dark growl. “It will fit. I don’t care if I have to make it.” I have never been one to sleep around, but the few porn videos I’ve indulged in tells me that Marco Marcelli’s co ck is larger and thicker than usual. The erect monster curls upwards, almost reaching his belly button. “Have you done this before?” He asks, snapping me out of my musings. I lower my head. “Y-yes…” “Don’t you dare lie to me, Lily.” He thunders. I bite my lips, a complete nerve wreck.

“No. I’ve never done this before.” When things were still good for Edmund and I, our S** life was manageable. After a while,, it became nearly non-existent. “Then I will guide you through it, cara. And a quick warning, if you over my knee right here, right now. Now, open.” you bite me, I will take My heart thuds with fear and excitement as Marco nudges his hard co ck against my lips. I take a deep breath and open up. 2/4 14:27 Fri, 26 Jan D Chapter 14 Without wasting time, he slides the thick, meaty org an into my open mouth. “Breathe gently through your nose, Lily. Gently.” I nod around his thickness and try to do as he says, but the moment his co ck hits the back of my throat, I begin to choke. “Calm down. Calm the f uck down, Lily.” He growls. He doesn’t let up or give me space to breathe properly. He continues f ucking my mouth slowly until he’s steadily hitting the back of my throat, setting off my gag refiex. “Suck me, cara. Run your hands over my co ck.” Trying to act bold, I form my fingers into fists and wrap it around his length. As he thrusts into my mouth, I give him a mini hand job. Very soon, we set a slow but sure pace. Then things begin to spiral out of control. Marco starts thrusting faster, causing my jaw to ache in the process. I try to tell him to calm down, but his co ck hits my throat, shutting me up every single time. “F uck, baby.” He groans. “You feel so good.” I look up to find his eyes clenched firmly shut and his face twisted with pleasure. When he opens his eyes, they are dark and gleaming with lust. I don’t know why, but the mere thought that I can bring pleasure to this giant brute of a men fills me with a heady sense of power.

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wrap my fingers around his legs and hold on tight as his thrusts begin to get out of sync. He holds my head closer to his groin and spears my throat faster and faster until he lets go and cu ms all over my breasts with a fierce groan. Some of his salty-sweet c um get into my mouth, but I do not find it repulsive. Instead, as he fists his co ck furiously, ejecting more of that sticky, thick c um, I feel my pus sy clench with arousal. My breasts tighten to hard, peaked buds when he slumps on the marble counter, a look of spent satisfaction on his face. I get to my feet, suddenly feeling self conscious. Shame at what I’ve just done begin to crawl into my subconscious and I scan the room frantically for my clothes. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His cold voice stops me from donning my bra. I turn to him slowly. 14:27 Fri, 26 Jan D Chapter 14 261%- “I thought we were done. I’d love to go to my own room and have a bath before leaving.” His eyes fiash. “What part of you’re staying with me tonight do you not understand, Lily? You’re not going anywhere.” I’m about to reply when my phone chimes, signalling an incoming call. The caller ID reveals Carlissa’s face and my stomach tightens with dread. Carlissa wouldn’t call me by one in the morning if it wasn’t important. I answer immediately. “Carlissa?” “Lily?! Oh, thank G od.” My heart tightens with panic. “What’s wrong? What happened?” “The landlord is here, Lily. He’s threatening to throw us out tonight because

we’ve not been able to pay the outstanding rent.” SEND GIFT