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You Hit My Heart by Kylie Stanford

Chapter 91
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Just as the atmosphere was getting cold and stagnant, the phone rang.

Luther took his cell phone out of his suit pocket.

This was Joyce's cell phone. Last night Joyce's cell phone was kicked away by that masked thug, and it was Aaron who picked it up.

The screen was broken, but it could still do the job.

When he saw that it was Charlotte calling, he wrinkled his nose and answered, "Yes?"

"Luther? Joy, where's Joyce ..." On the other end of the line, Charlotte clearly froze a bit. How cthe person who answered the

phone was Luther?

Luther put the phone to Joyce's ear, "Charlotte's calling."

Joyce glanced suspiciously. What was Charlotte doing calling her so early in the morning?

The two of them hardly ever called each other. Even if it was about work, they usually talked about everything clearly in the project


"What's the matter? Anything wrong?" Joyce asked.

"Oh yes, my mother wants to meet you. When would you be free to cto my house for afternoon tea?" On the other end of the

phone, Charlotte asked through clenched teeth. She tried her best not to let her tension show through, and she was holding back

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very hard.

Joyce was really with Luther. Thomas missed last night and called her later.

Charlotte didn't know who saved Joyce, and she couldn't ask Joyce about last night, so she finally cup with a reason to call

Joyce in the morning to confirm.

She didn't expect that it was really Luther who saved Joyce, and what she feared most still happened.

Why was Joyce so lucky to be drugged! Wouldn't the two ......

Thinking about it, she was so angry that she wanted to crush the screen.

Useless Thomas!

What a bargain for Joyce!

"To your house?" Joyce was stunned at first. She hesitated, frowned lightly, and refused, "It's not appropriate forto go to your

house, but we can meet at the cafe opposite the company in a few days, okay?"

Charlotte's mother, Cecelia, whom she once met at Riveria Haze's party, had actually left a very deep impression on her. She was a

woman of elegance and nobility and she certainly loved her daughter a lot.

Cecelia really wanted to see her, and she was afraid it would be because of Charlotte's pregnancy.

Joyce was suddenly overwhelmed by a strong sense of shame.

She thought that in Cecelia's opinion, she must be an uncompromising mistress.

She was actually overwhelmed by the thought of Cecelia really wanting to see her.

People all had a sense of shame.

After all, she was in the wrong to get in the middle between Luther and Charlotte, who had not just a marriage contract and a child.

And she could not have a divorce for the tbeing.

She literally did not know what to do.

For sreason, she was particularly reluctant to let Cecelia really think that she was this kind of scum.

"Okay. Then don’t letkeep you. Hanging up now then. Bye!"

At the other end of the phone, Charlotte urgently cut off the phone, and finally could not hold back any longer. "Bang!" She

viciously smashed the phone to the cold marble floor, and it was in pieces.

She was so angry that she felt herself burning hot.

Luther also heard what Charlotte said over the phone just now,.

Now that even Cecelia was coming to them, apparently, the Heath family was also really anxious.

The thought of Charlotte's pregnancy irritated him for no reason. It was just right for him to hold himself back last night. It was

messy enough already.

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What had happened could not be changed, and he must take responsibility.

Whether it's Charlotte or the Heath family.

He owed them.

Reason told him that he could no longer have too much involvement with Joyce.

He finally took a step back, let go of her, and stopped pressing her against the wall.

Joyce was relieved to be free again.