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You Hit My Heart by Kylie Stanford

Chapter 89
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Chapter 89 Early the next morning.

Joyce woke up from her daze.

The heat in her body subsided a lot.

She still felt hot but at least it was bearable now.

The first thing that flashed into her memory was that she was attacked by a strange man in the alley.

She sat up in fear and settled down when she saw that she was sleeping in the Warner family’s main house.

She remembered that it was Luther who rushed over last night, fought off the thugs, and brought her back.

And then later ...

As her mind got clearer, memories cflooding back.

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Her face was hot and burning, and it seemed that she had done something to Luther last night...

She also took the initiative to kiss him, and the two almost Thinking of this, she looked down and covered her cheeks with both hands.

I's a shame.

“Awake?” Luther's relaxed voice came.

Joyce realized that Luther was sitting on the couch in the room, nicely dressed already. Inmediately when she saw him, she remembered what she did last night, and her face reddened involuntarily. Her blushing expression was actually so cute.

Her pinky face, scarlet lips, and her bare neck beyond the pajamas.

Damn, he just could not move his eyes away.

“Do you remember what happened last night? What did you do to me, remember?” Luther asked with a touch of teasing as he folded his legs.

Joyce lowered her head and was tempted to play dead.

She remembered everything.

She fumbled all around his body, and she could still remember the touch.

She was almost stripping him naked.

“No ... | don’t remember ..."” Joyce replied sheepishly.

Luther's narrow eyes hooked up, only amused.

She wouldn't even dare to admit it? Not quite like her usual style.

When Joyce looked down, she realized she had changed into her pajamas.

Moreover, she could feel she wore nothing inside...

Could it be...

“You helpedchange into the pajamas? What about my under...” she asked, looking up blankly. Luther snickered, “We slept together.” “No way!” Joyce raised her eyes and her voice up a few notches, “Obviously not, you had Jamie here.” Luther curled his cavernous lips, “So you remember all that, was that a transient memory loss just now?” This damn man had such a trick here for her. Luther stood up abruptly, walked over to the bed, and condescendingly looked at her. Leaning down, inch by inch, he got close to her, his thin lips near her ear and his breath all falling on her face.

The voice was full of seduction, “Did everything but sleep with you.” “Boom!” It was like Joyce's face was set on fire, and her heart was thumping violently.

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‘m going to brush my teeth and wash up.” She reached up and pushed his hot body to the side, jumping up from the bed and rushing almost desperately into the bathroom.

Luther followed her into the bathroom and leaned sideways against the wall, watching her steadily.

“You've been drugged.” Joyce washed up quickly and turned her head to look at him with a twinkle in her eyes, “Thank you for saving me.’ Last night, thanks to him, otherwise she would not have been able to escape.

When she thought of the lewd masked thug, she was scared and a thin layer of sweat permeated her back.

“And thank you for givingthe sedative without ..

she said, a little embarrassed as if there was something more she wanted to say.

He could have possessed her, and she had even asked for it.

He didn’t do that, and she appreciated that.

A decent man he was.

Suddenly, her slender waist was pulled hard by him and rotated in a circle.

Just like that, she was violently constrained by him against the cold wall of the bathroom...

At the bottom of his eyes burned an uncontrollable flame, clearly ... dangerous!