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The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya

Chapter 7
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Ayla 7

“Oh, sweetheart I am so so terribly sorry for not seeing what was happening to you. Please forgive me”

Dad tells me as he keeps hugging


I don’t want to be angry with my parents anymore, it is not their fault after all. It was my own choice to

hide the truth from them. Sitting up a little straighter that is what I tell him to reassure him. Explaining I

am not mad that they did not see the truth that I was hiding. I wanted to be alone because I was

disappointed at the fact that they did not fight harder for me. That they just shrugged, when Alpha

Phill*ps told them I could not change packs.

“I am so sorry, we never knew how bad it was. But I spoke to your mother and not all fights are fought

out in the open. Can you please come downstairs and talk to us?” He tells me still hugging me.

Maybe I was too hard on them. Getting out of bed I tell Dad I will come downstairs after a shower. My

whole b*dy is sore and aching. The soup Tim made me helped a little bit, so I was hoping a hot shower

would make me feel even better. After giving me another tight hug he leaves my room.

The shower did help even if it was not as much as I had hoped. Dressing in my fluffy onesie to keep

warm I made my way downstairs. Mom’s eyes were red and puffy, showing she had been crying.

Seeing how upset I made both my parents I felt a pang of guilt. Dad was making all of us a coffee

putting it on the kitchen table without saying anything. We said in silence like that for what felt like

hours. Even if it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds. Dad was the one who asked me to come

downstairs because they wanted to talk with me. I had no idea what to say or what to do next.



1 Years

Mom was the one to break the silence, her voice cracking as she said:

“I am so sorry baby girl, I was sad to see you go because I never knew it was that bad. It’s hard having

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to miss two of my babies. Who am I going to be book shopping with? Your dad gets bored quickly”

She gave me a watery smile and I couldn’t help but giggle. The fact that she was going to miss us so

much was because she loved us. She showed that in everything she did. Not just her Dad too. I was

going to miss them too but it wasn’t like we would never see each other again. Mom just sniffles when I

tell her so. Then Dad asks me why I never told them about the beatings.

“I know you and Mom, you would have left the pack behind to all go and live with the White Oak pack.

Alpha Phill*p would never allow that. Unele Cedric is a great Alpha but you know he would go to war

over protecting his family”

“He would, and you’re his favorite niece who would have made it worse. Still, we could have talked

about it as a family. Do you really think we wouldn’t be able to calm down and think this over before

jumping into action” Dad asked me the hurt clear in his voice.

Making me feel worse, now I felt like I didn’t give my parents enough credit. On the other hand, I could

not see them living here with an Alpha who would allow one of their children to get hurt so badly.

“So what, you would just keep living here with Alpha Phill*p after you know what he allowed. You would

accept Hannah as your Luna when she is the one who is been beating me up so severely that healing

gets hard?” I ask them and hear my voice getting louder.

Mom’s hand on my knee made me calm down a little bit. There was no reason to shout waking up the

others. It was bad enough I kept Mom and Dad up worrying about me.


Ayla 7

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“No, I will never accept her. That being said David might reject differently than his father does. Don’t

interrupt me I know he isn’t going to be a better Alpha” Mom went from sad and soft-spoken to strict

and sure of what she was saying

“However he is a coward, a young Alpha like him without a lead warrior and a pack doctor. Would be

very less likely to go to war with an experienced Alpha like your Uncle Cedric. Not only is Sebastian

only nineteen, but you know Uncle Cedric, Aunt Willow, and Sebastian would not hesitate to wait until

we all moved into the White Oak pack savely before changing the leadership within the pack” She

gives me another stern look before continuing.

“We would play the waiting game knowing you would be safe and happy. Knowing we would still see

you on all the holidays for another year or so. Before we could move closer to you. You took that choice

away from us and baby I am so sorry we made you feel like you had to. But we know now, and we will

still play the waiting game knowing you are safe” She tells me but she leaves it at that.

Dad told me not all fights were fought in the open, now Mom says she is going to play the waiting

game. I did not think about an option where they would let me go ahead. Only to move back to the

White Oak pack when it would be safer or easier to do so. Moving to the White Oak pack seemed to be

in reach now. But I didn’t understand because Alpha Phill*ps had already denied me.

“For now you are going to see your sister off to the Cresent Moon pack. Then you will stay with your

family until the royal ball. And when the Silver’s come back they will explain you got injured and need to

rest at your Grandparent’s place. By then he will know what his son and possible future Luna did and

allowed. I will give him the chance to keep it under the rug, as long as he allows you to stay with your

Grandparents for as long as you need” Dad gives me a smirk the moment he is done explaining.




Mom mentions this might not be necessary if the Prince is smart enough to see how amazing I am.

Luckily then she goes into more detail about the plan. They didn’t stay up worrying for me they have

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been contacting everyone else who is involved. Explaining how they still love most of the pack as a

family. And as well-respected members of the community they had a lot of standing still. That is why

they were so sure that if they would threaten Alpha Phill*p with causing a scene he would agree with

them. We chatted about living with the White Oak pack for about an hour longer. But my b*dy is still

struggling to recover and I have been out on a run on little food for most of the day. So I am a little

dizzy when I make my way upstairs.


Mom and Dad had noticed how dizzy I was when I walked upstairs two days ago. So the past two days

they had practically forced me to be on bed rest. It did my b*dy good but I still had bruises and scars

that hadn’t healed yet because my b*dy was always busy healing fresh injuries. Now that everyb*dy in

my family knew I wasn’t as worried about keeping them hidden anymore. Sadly I couldn’t pack a lot.

Dad told me to pack only the essentials in toiletries and clothing so I could take more small personal

things with me. Making me promise I would just buy new clothes and toiletries with the family credit

card when I arrived at the White Oak pack. I happily agreed, not because I was happy about getting

new stuff. I liked shopping as much as the next girl. But I was happy with the clothes and I would miss

some pieces. Still, I was happy to be able to bring more personal stuff with me. Stuff I would miss even

more than my favorite clothes. Mom promised me she would at least send all my books out in pairs of

two. That didn’t stop me from packing about ten books so I had something to read during the long trip

and my first weeks in the White Oak pack. When both my suitcases were packed I looked around my

childhood room. In the house where I grew up. It seemed like I was still living here because I was

running away from home like an over-emotional teenager. To avoid being beaten daily, pretending to be

interested in


Ayla 7

marrying a prince.