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The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya

Chapter 18
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Griffin 18

“Mom, Dad, Prince Griffin is here, Ayla’s second chance mate. There is a misunderstanding he doesn’t

want to reject her. And his parents support him” Daniel explains and luckily it causes her parents to

finally sit up and look at me.

Not that I want them to out of respect but we need to be able to talk to them to find out what happened.

I don’t feel any pain so I’ve been telling myself she is okay. Even if we haven’t mated yet. Even if she

hasn’t even accepted me, we’ve seen each other. We touched each other and felt the matebond. If

something serious would happen to her. Hoping to reassure them a little bit that is what I tell her

parents. Wanting to be honest I tell them all about how the ball went. The mistakes I made, the things

she overheard that got pulled out of context because of the circumstances.

“I promise you, I want to be the best mate there is to your daughter. I want to give her everything she

could ever wish for. And my parents fully support me I have a personal apology from my father for her

in my suitcase.” I end my story, hoping her parents are willing to give me a chance.

Her father lays his hand on my shoulder, telling me he trusts me. How it’s not my fault his daughter is

reacting as she is now. His wife gets up to make us all lunch saying we have a lot to talk about. I don’t

like the sound of that at all. But with nothing to do then to wait around, I looked around the house where

my mate grew up. It’s spa cious and clean, her parents clearly adore each other and their children. The

walls are filled with framed pictures of them all. With family and friends. About half of the pictures are of

BBQs in the backyard. I’m pretty sure the few scars I saw had nothing to do with her parents.

Griffin 18

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Leaving me to wonder why they let it continue for as long as it did.

The answer to that question comes quicker than expected. It is Ayla’s mother who starts explaining

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everything went downhill after David rejected her. Telling me how they used to be childhood best

friends. How up until the day he found out she was his fated mate he had always defended her for her

size. Ayla had stopped dressing and undressing in public. But she never told her family why, all they

could do was guess. Since her physical appearance was the reason for her getting rejected, they all

kinda suspected she was insecure. Hearing she was about to move to the WhiteOak pack because she

wanted the escape all the misery here. And all the events that led to her parents finally agreeing and

letting her go. I got livid with this so-called Alpha. I was about tell strip him of his title and power him

and his entire family. The reason Ayla had never told anyone except for her brother Daniel was that she

wanted to avoid a war happening between the Blood Moon pack and the WhiteOak pack,

I chuckled humourlessly, this dumb bi tch reject the most perfect mate a wolf could ever find. Because

he was unable to see what a formidable Luna she would make. In response, she sacrificed both her

happiness and her health to protect to pack from going to war. Whilst the Blood Moon pack was small

and seemed to always struggle with filling the needed positions in a pack. Meaning her new pack, her

family’s pack would win the war. Every war comes with victims on both sides. Ayla knew as much, she

was aware that her leaving would cause the pack she grew up in to lose their pack doctor and lead

warrior. This pack was not worthy of my amazing mate at all. I was not even sure I was worthy of her

with how I had been behaving after finding out about her.

Unlike her packmembers though I would spend the rest of my life proving her I was worthy now. That is

if we could find her, the only thing we had to go on now was that she wanted to move in with her

Grandparents and that she wasn’t critically hurt. She said in her letter

Griffin 18

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she would never reject me because she knows the pain it causes. I believed her even before I met her

family but hearing them tell about her only made me more secure in this belief. Not to mention that she

needs to be face to face with me to reject me. All in all, we could be sure I would pick up if she was in

danger or in great emotional distress. More than life had caused her to be in at this moment. After the

weird text and the Hemmings finding out the Silvers had returned home without her. Jay Hemming had

contacted his parents only to find out she hadn’t arrived at their pack either.

The last they had heard from her was a message saying something good happened during the ball. But

how it caused her to not know when she was coming back to the White Oak pack. Her grandparents

were just happy for her. They knew meeting your mate if they lived in a different pack could cause

some chaos deciding who to tell first and where to live. So when she didn’t arrive at the time she was

expected to they thought nothing of it. Those texts were sent yesterday evening minutes before she

walked up to me to try and give me a chance. There is not a lot I can do now and with all the traveling

it’s gotten late. It would not be fair for my pilots to fly back home now. Still, I absolutely despise the idea

of sleeping in the pack house close to that Alpha.

As if she reads my mind Ayla’s mother speaks to me.

“You can sleep here Griffin in her room, and no I am sure she wouldn’t mind. Dillion and Stanley, you

can just sleep in Kate’s old room we’ve been meaning to turn it into a guestroom” She tells us smiling.

Gerald was already planning to stay the night with Jessa, which only left my pilots. Luckily the Silvers

have a spare room and the room Jessa’s brother used to sleep in. He still lives on the packground but

has found a mate and lives in his own home with her and their kids


With that all settled I decided to take everyone out for dinner in the

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Griffin 18

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nearby town. I can hardly expect our hosts to cook for 6 extra adult wolves. We could always go to the

pack house and have dinner there. Not only should it always be plenty to feed the whole pack if

needed. I had no doubt in my mind that Alpha Phill*p would use every excuse possible to show me

what an amazing host and Alpha he was.

And I couldn’t sit there laughing and joking with the people who broke my mate. Because that was what

all of this had told me. She wasn’t just rejected. Her mate the person who would treasure you above all.

Was someone she had trusted long before she knew they were mates. Jessa told me how Ayla always

had a crush on David, so for a moment it felt as if all her dreams came true before being rejected in the

most humiliating way possible. That would have been enough for most she- wolves to just break. Not

my mate though, not my Ayla she was stronger than that. So she held her head high and kept doing

what was best for the pack. Even when that pack never respected her, even when some of the

members from that same pack hurt her.

Alpha Phill*p had forced all unmated she-wolves to attend my ball. All of them except for Ayla, he had

scoffed and mocked her for never being good enough for me. That is why she ran away. It was

ingrained in her mind that she would never be good enough. It hurt knowing that the thing that broke

her. The straw that broke the camel’s back was thinking my father was shouting that she was not good

enough for me. Suddenly I remembered I told my parents I would keep them posted. Ever since I

landed I hadn’t as much as shot them a text. They were no doubt worried about me. Excusing myself I

walk outside to make a quick phone call before I get changed to go out to dinner.

“Is everything all right son, we got some disturbing news concerning your mate. I think you might need