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The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children

Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

On the other side.

The Kinsmans’ residence was brightly lit.

When William returned home with Ezra in his arms, Lucian’s personal doctor was already waiting for

them alongside a restless Gianna.

Never in her wildest dreams would Gianna have imagined that William would bring back the little ba

stard not just alive but unscathed.

It wasn’t easy for her to find an opportunity to kill him without anyone noticing.

She didn’t expect to fail again.

“What went wrong?!” she wondered.

William handed the child to the doctor, Jameson Smith. “Something strange happened to Luci. He can

speak now. Please give him a thorough examination.”

Everyone was shocked. Jameson’s eyes even widened as he said, “Really?”

Lucian’s illness was a huge problem that had been plaguing him for five years. Even the world’s best

medical experts couldn’t make Lucian speak. How did he recover after going missing?

Ezra sighed helplessly. “Really!”

He had no choice but to pretend that he had recovered from a serious illness and allowed other people

to examine him.

However, he had many ways to prevent these idiots from discovering that he was a fake.

When Jameson heard that Lucian finally opening his mouth to speak, he shivered with excitement and

immediately carried the boy upstairs.

He needed to figure out what had happened to the boy immediately!

Ezra allowed himself to be upstairs, but he suddenly felt a cold murderous gaze fall on him. He looked

over vigilantly and found that the gaze came from a beautiful woman with tears in her eyes.

His first instinct was that she wasn’t a good person!

“Who is this beautiful woman?

“My scu mbag dad’s second wife?

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“My stepmom?” he wondered.

In the large, ornate living room of the Kinsman’s residence, William was sitting on the couch with his

slender legs crossed. He took off his black coat, revealing the well-made white shirt he was wearing

underneath. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and he looked noble and


Gianna stood beside him, feeling uneasy.

She never thought that the ba stard would not just come back unscathed, but even started speaking!

That brat knew too many of her secrets.

He might even know that she was responsible for his fall at the cemetery. She decided that she couldn’t

just sit around and wait for that brat to expose her crime.

So, she asked worriedly, “William, what happened to Luci? The woman who kidnapped him… Did you

find out who she is?”

She bit her lip and started analyzing the situation with bloodshot eyes. “What has she done to Luci?

How did she make him speak in just a day? This is too strange. We can’t just let her go!”

Her voice made William even more annoyed. He closed his eyes to rest his mind, saying, “I’ll deal with

this. It’s getting late. You should go.”

Gianna refused to do so.

She wouldn’t be at ease until she shifted the blame to the mysterious woman, and she needed to keep

an eye on the brat and shut him up too.

“William, can you let me stay here tonight? I’m… I’m worried about Luci.”

Moreover, they were getting married soon.

But until now, she had not even touched William’s hand. His attitude toward her today had clearly

worsened because of the ba sta rd, too. She couldn’t just leave like this.

Unfortunately for her, William wasn’t in the mood to deal with her at all. He opened his dark eyes and

glared at her as a warning “Go back!”

It was clear from the look in his eyes that he was about to lose his temper


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Chapter 5

Gianna didn’t dare to be presumptuous anymore. She had no choice but to leave the Kinsmans’


The moment she got into her car, her expression changed, and the viciousness under her delicate

makeup came into full view. She tossed her bag on the seat and questioned her assistant, who was

driving the car, in a gloomy voice. “What the hell is going on? I told you to throw that brat off the

mountain, didn’t I? How did he come back safe and sound?” she shouted.

That brat not only returned, but even started speaking!

He was like a ticking time bomb!

If that brat revealed her secrets, everything she had worked for so many years would be finished.

Damian Clarke, her assistant, didn’t know what went wrong either. He said, “Don’t be upset, Miss

Clarke. There’s something strange about this. I did send someone to throw young Mr. Kinsman down

the mountain, but I heard the mysterious woman had nothing to do with his rescue!”

“She’s not involved? Then what’s going on? Go and check it out!”

“Yes, Miss!” There was one more thing that Damian had to report, so he said, “One more thing, Miss.”

“What is it now?”

“The organizer of the charity gala tonight sent us a message saying that you’ve been banned from the

event. But what’s worse is that they’ve made the news public. You’re now trending online.”

“Shocking news! Gianna Clarke, the Charity Princess of Melburgh, made fraudulent donations!”

“Gianna Clarke exposed!”

“Fake philanthropist Gianna Clarke is apparently banned from the International Council of Nonprofits!”

“Gianna Clarke has been removed from the guest list of the charity gala!”

Several headlines became instant trending topics, and their popularity was still growing.

The headlines were even tagged with the word “HOT.”

Gianna’s face distorted with anger as she checked the trending topics on Twitter as well as the growing

number of related tweets on her


“Find out who’s behind this! Now!”

Her hands were trembling nonstop from anger, but also mostly fear.

She had gone through the news and tweets in a hurry just now. The more she read, the more flustered

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she became. That was because the

news was true.

In recent years, she had worked hard to be a philanthropist in old Mr. Kinsman’s name and became the

Charity Princess in Melburgh. She had won many supporters and even the Kinsmans’ favor.

But she knew better than anyone else that she didn’t care about other people’s suffering at all.

To her, ordinary people deserved to struggle in this capitalist hell. Even giving them a hand made her

feel offended.

Never mind actually doing charity for them!

“Rest assured, Miss Clarke. I’m already on it. We’ll find the culprit!” Damian couldn’t help but comfort


Gianna came back to her senses when she felt a sharp pain in her palm. Her eyes turned vicious as

she said, “Contact the gala organizer. I’m attending no matter the price!”

She had made a pact with William that they would get married after she received the International

Nonprofit Am bassador Award.

She had done so many things and planned for so long before finally getting his agreement. She

wouldn’t let anything or anyone stop her from marrying William!

‘Til kill anyone who gets in my way!

“l kill them like I killed that old man and Olivia!”

Ambrose Hospital.

Even though Lucian hadn’t woken up yet, his condition had always been stable. Olivia, who had been

staying beside him the entire time, was checking the latest news using her laptop.

Seeing more and more people scolding Gianna online, she leaned into the couch in a cozy, languid


“It’s been five years, Gianna Clarke. How do you like this gift?

“But it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. This is just the beginning.


12:39 T

Chapter 5

“I promise I’ll let you experience what it feels like to have your beloved push you to hell step by step,”

she thought.

Then Olivia raised her hand and instructed Gideon, “You can start the second round in an hour.”