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Rebirth and Finding the One Truly Loves Me by Christina

Chapter 11
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Chapter 11 Reckless yet Captivating

Kelsey gazed shyly at Sterling at the school gate.

She brought her lips together to form a charming smile because she knew that she was the most

attractive in this way.

“I heard you like sweets. This is the Only Love Chocolate I asked my friend to bring back from abroad. I

hope you like it.”

Sterling was chewing gum. When he caught a glimpse of Audrey elegantly walking toward a black

Bentley. he casually took the chocolate from Kelsey.

Audrey was stunned for a moment. then quickly got in the Bentley without glancing back.

Soon, the Bentley drove away.

Sterling gritted his teeth.

Kelsey’s eyes lit up as Sterling took her chocolate. A happy smile appeared on her gentle and beautiful

face. “Sterling, can I take your motorcycle back?”

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Sterling raised his eyebrows, and his cold gaze fell on Kelsey. He asked impatiently, “Who are you?”

Kelsey’s smile froze. Sterling took her chocolate, but he didn’t know

who she was!

A classmate passed by and heard Sterling’s question. He couldn’t help but chip in. “She’s the most

beautiful girl in our school!”

Chapter 11 Reckless yet Capating

Kelsey’s long eyelashes fluttered, with a hint of shyness in her eyes..

Sterling looked Kelsey up and down. His gloomy gaze put breathless. pressure on the latter.

Kelsey mustered the courage to meet Sterling’s gaze.

She knew very well how terrible Sterling would be in the future, but to survive, she must win his heart!

According to her recent observation, Sterling was far more eye- catching than Corbin.

He was cold and arrogant, just like a bad guy. Moreover, he would go. to extremes when he was angry.

He was reckless yet captivating!

“Are you the most beautiful girl in our school?” Sterling asked with at faint smile.

His handsome face made Kelsey’s heart pound. “That’s just a compliment…”

Before she could finish speaking. Sterling sneered, “A false compliment, I think. I’ve never seen such

an ugly girl.”

Kelsey couldn’t hold her smile anymore. Her eyes turned red. Her soft voice trembled as she asked,

“You’re joking, aren’t you? You just took my chocolate!”

“Come on!” Sterling’s cold eyes showed a hint of impatience, and he suddenly became irritable. “If you

dare to stop my motorcycle again, I’ll run over you.”

Then he mercilessly threw the expensive chocolate into the trash can.



Chapter 11 Reckless yet Captivating

Sterling’s motorcycle roared past Kelsey, but she still couldn’t recover from her shock.

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The Bentley drove at a constant speed on the road.

The driver’s phone rang.

After answering the phone and saying a few words, the driver handed the phone to Audrey. “It’s Miss

Cole calling.”

Audrey took the phone and heard Kelsey’s displeased voice from the other end. “Audra, why did you

ask Kale Tennyson to leave first? I’m still at the school gate. Let him drive back and pick me up…”

Audrey was angry. When the misunderstanding between her and Sterling ran deeper. Kelsey gave

Sterling chocolate.

Of course. Audrey wouldn’t let Kelsey take her car back.

But Audrey wouldn’t refuse directly. She took the phone away from her ear and said in a soft voice.

“What did you say? The signal here is poor. I can’t hear you… Ah, the phone is running out of


Before Kelsey could say anything else, Audrey turned off Kale’s phone.

Kale, who was driving, was speechless.

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