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Our Billion-Worth Twins by Velvet Antler

Chapter 36
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Chapter 36

It felt as though the air had frozen over that evening.

Back when she was the princess of the Clark Family, Catelyn had once invited all her classmates to a

private room on the top floor, and she could still remember the time they partied deep into the night.

Because of her experience, she managed to get her wits together and fooled the employees with an

arrogant tone. She then strode toward VIP room number 6808 in her high heels.

The door plate was coated in gold to emphasize how luxurious it was.

Knock, knock!

Catelyn summoned up her courage and knocked on the door. She held in her hand a yellow envelope

that held a check worth 300000 that she gathered so far, hoping to resolve the pressing issue with the

loan sharks.

Following a squeaking sound, the door slowly opened.

Realizing the door was not locked, Catelyn called out cautiously, “Mister Reed?”

There was no response from the empty room, so she probably had arrived early. She tip-toed into the

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glorious entertainment room that was about 10 square meters. Four long couches were formed into an L-

shape, and there was an enormous LED television on the wall across them; the separated area included

a washroom, a kitchen, and a resting lounge. Everything else was comparable to an executive duplex in

a hotel.

Instead of the usual scent of cigarette and liquor like any other entertainment facility would, there was

only a faint scent of flowers combined with the aroma of liquor.

‘This John has quite an exquisite taste, I suppose,’ Catelyn thought to herself.

Just as she was contemplating as to how she could convince John, she suddenly heard the sound of

steady, homogenous footsteps approaching.

Was that John?

“Master Cedrick, there has been some issue with Millions Pharmaceutical’s cash flow, but I’ve already

examined the medicine that they manufactured . The quality isn’t bad, and they wish to invite you into

investing in them. What do you think?” Cedrick’s first assistant reported the latest update dutifully.

“What about Nine?” Cedrick’s shiny leather shoes landed onto the ground as his husky, cold voice


“The director of Millions Pharmaceutical had made an appointment to meet with the Ninth Master

yesterday during the afternoon, but the Ninth Master simply made him wait in the meeting room the

entire time before making the director leave, saying that he needed to head overseas. I’m not sure what

the Ninth Master is planning.”


Among the younger generation of the Mason family, Cedrick and Ninth Master Mason were the most

brilliant of all. The two never ceased competing with one another in the business world, and rumors had

it that either one of them would become the next head of the Mason family.

Cedrick was the grandson of the family’s current head and had the advantage because of it, but because

he was the only adult male heir in his bloodline, some of the relatives began to favor the Ninth Master



Cedrick soon realized what Alexander was trying to do and explained coldly, “It’s not that he looks down

on Millions Pharmaceutical; he’s just trying to play with their heads and buy them out with a lower price

when they’re about to face bankruptcy.”

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“Millions Pharmaceuticals? Buy them out at a lower price? Master Cedrick, the Ninth Master…” When

Catelyn heard those words from inside the room, it sounded as though there were fireworks going off

next to her ears.

‘Isn’t that Cedrick Mason? Did I walk into the wrong room? Crap! Now that I’ve overhead confidential

information, would he think that I’m a spy?’ she hissed internally.

Her fingers trembled and the envelope in her hand flew off, landing under the poker table. As the

footstep approached, Catelyn lifted the tablecloth and hid underneath

the table without further hesitation the moment she heard the doorknob turning.

The door was pushed open at the exact same time that she picked up the envelope. The timing was

perfect with not a second missed.

“Is this how those people in Riverdale do their job, by not even locking the door?” Eason frowned in

displeasure out of his instinct as a bodyguard.

As the door was pushed open, the air from the room wafted out, along with the natural scent of a

gardenia flower.