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His Versatile Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 19
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Chapter 19

Immediately, Anelle prepared to lash out

However, her movements came to a screeching halt when she caught sight of the man’s face

“Mr. Nightshire? Y you. “She stared at him and blinked in utter disbeliel

Vinson interjected before Anelle could finish speaking “Why did you pretend not to recognize me?”

Arielle looked at Vinson with a gaze full of puzzlement On the other hand, Vinson’s stare resembled the

look of a ferocious and enraged lion

Is he angry because I didn’t greet him when I walked past him earlier? Doesn’t that mean he

recognized me? Then why did he act like we were strangers in the airport? He even ignored me

when we were on the plane!

“You were the one who ignored me first!

Besides, how would I dare disturb such a busy man like you?” Anelle replied in bafflement

What on earth is he thinking? He clearly recognized me. Yet, he pretended like he didn’t He should

have continued the act. Why is he cornering and berating me for doing the same thing?

Anielle tried to push Vinson away to put some distance between them. “No matter what you should let

me go first. People will misunderstand if they see us like this.”

Arielle’s words seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Vinson’s gaze remained fixated intently on


He found that her bright eyes were like pools of clear water At the same time, her gaze was as deep as

the bottomless ocean

There wasn’t a trace of fear nor flattery present in her brilliant gaze. The only thing Vinson saw was

suspicion. She treated him like he was an ordinary person

An ordinary person How long has it been since someone treated me this way?

“Are you angry because I couldn’t recognize you at the airport?”

“I did not get angry.” Anelle said and jutted out her bottom lip. Why would I get mad?

Vinson fell silent after he heard her answer.

He could not express the complicated feelings within his heart.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Vinson released her from his grasps and stepped back all of a

sudden. “Why did you come to Norham? Are you following me because I haven’t given you an

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“Following you? I’m not as free as you think, I certainly don’t have the time to be following you.

Besides, what answer do I need from you?” Arielle replied with a confused look

All of a sudden, she recalled the last words Vinson had said during the birthday dinner. Her eyes

widened as round as saucers as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Are you still thinking about

the joke I made the other day?”

“As I said, the truth is hidden within your joke. You don’t have to worry, I’m still thinking about it.”

“Haha!” Arielle burst out in laughter as she tilted her head. “I wish I could peer inside that head of yours

to find out if your brain is made out of cotton!”

“That is something I should say to you instead.” Vinson replied impassively.

“What on earth are you talking about…” Right at that moment, Arielle’s phone began to ring.

The moment she answered the call, Henrick’s voice echoed through the phone. “Arielle, where did you

go? Why did you keep your sister waiting for so long?”

Waiting? I haven’t even seen Shandie’s shadow.

Immediately, Arielle acted as if she had been wronged. “This was the first time I took the plane… I must

admit that I was totally clueless. Dad, I’m sorry Where are you? I’ll try to look for you,” Arielle murmured


“Look for the airport staff. We are at the information desk.”

“Alright, I’ll head over right now!” The moment Arielle ended the call, her image of a prim and proper

woman vanished into thin air.

“My Dad is looking for me. I’ll take my leave first. Also, let me repeat myself. I was joking the other day!

You can forget about it!” Arielle called out as she waved her phone in Vinson’s direction,

With that, Arielle turned on her heel to leave

She only managed to take iwo steps before Vinson’s suspicious tone echoed behind her. “What is your

relationship with your family?”

His question left her confused “We are just family” Arielle whirled around to face him again.

“Yet, I think that they don’t see you like family,” Vinson replied in a monotonous volce.

Chapter 19

“Why do you say that?”

“My assistant told me that you were the only one who did not sit in the first-class cabin when we

boarded the plane.”

“Oh, that’s what you are referring to; I have a complicated relationship with my family. Ten years ago, I

went missing. Now that we are reunited, these trivial issues don’t matter to me anymore.” Arielle

grinned as she said this

Vinson opened his mouth as if to say something. A look of hesitancy painted his face. In the end, he

handed her a gold business card. “Call me if you need anything. You can also bring this card to the

Nightshire Group if you want to meet me.” “It’s alright…” Arielle raised her hands to decline him. Yet,

Vinson merely shoved the card into her palm before he left the lounge.

Arielle glanced at the gold card in her hand. Emblazoned on the card were the words-Nightshire Group,

Is he trying to

show off?

Arielle owned a company located overseas. Although it wasn’t as renowned as Nightshire Group, her

company was quite famous too.

Just as she made a move to discard the card, she changed her mind and kept it instead.

Vinson is correct, what if I need his help? This card will be useful. After all, Jadeborough is a place I’m

unfamiliar with

Arielle placed the card in her pocket as she changed her mind and walked out of the lounge.

When she finally arrived at the information desk, Henrick looked like he was on the verge of exploding

in anger. It was clear that he was impatient after waiting for her.

“There will be dire consequences if you delay your sister’s ceremony!” Henrick scowled.

In contrast, Cindy spoke in a very demure and gentle tone. “It’s still early. She won’t delay the

ceremony. I was just scared that Arielle would have gotten lost in this foreign place. Arielle, look at your

sister, she was so worried that she burst into tears when she couldn’t find you at the exit.”

Arielle turned to look at Shandie. True to Cindy’s words, Shandie’s eyes were red and swollen. There

were even glistening tears around the corners of her eyes. “Arielle, it’s alright… I’m just glad that you

are safe.” Shandie sniffled as she said this.

When Arielle shifted her gaze downwards, Arielle caught sight of several red gashes across Shandie’s

thigh underneath her skirt.

In order to make Hendrick scold Arielle, Shandie had resorted to such extreme tricks and schemes.

When Shandie noticed Arielle’s gaze, she quickly used her hand to cover her thigh.

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Immediately. Arielle looked away under the pretense that she hadn’t noticed anything. She did not

provide an excuse to Henrick. Instead, she apologized profusely. “Dad, I’m so sorry that I made

everyone worry. I’ll make sure to sit next to everyone so that this incident won’t happen again .”Arielle’s

face was pale as she murmured apologetically.

Upon hearing Arielle’s statement, Henrick finally remembered that they had booked first-class seats on

the plane. On the other hand, Arielle sat in the economy class.

Henrick coughed awkwardly, it seemed like he couldn’t find it in himself to remain mad at her anymore.

“It’s fine. Let’s go. We’ll be late if we don’t set off now.”

“Alright.” Arielle nodded her head obediently. She even reached out to help Cindy with her luggage.

In the blink of an eye, Henrick’s anger dissipated.

Yet, this experience seemed to show that his eldest daughter was someone compliant and weak-willed.

Perhaps I should shift all of my attention to Shandie instead.

In a Nash, Shandie garnered his love and attention again. Henrick went out of his way to book the hotel

located closest to the ceremony. He even reserved a suite just for Shandie

In the room, Shandie was utterly delighted. “Mom, isn’t my plan brilliant?” She beamed and asked


“I told you not to make any move behind my back!” Cindy did not seem to share Shandie’s joy. Instead,

a deep frown graced her forehead.

Seeing Cindy’s anger, Shandie tugged on her arm in a coy manner. “Mom, don’t be angry anymore…

Wasn’t the final result satisfactory?”

Cindy suddenly remembered that Henrick had arranged for Arielle to stay at the cheapest room in the

hotel. Immediately, her mood brightened.” You rascal. The next time you try to do anything, you should

let me know first,” Cindy chastised Shandie and flicked her nose mischievously.

“Relax, Arielle isn’t as strong as you claim to be. I bet she’s throwing an enormous tantrum right now!”

On the other hand, Cindy was deep in thought.

Anyone who fell into Shandie’s schemes would have lashed out or defended themselves. Yet, Arielle

did not. She merely admitted her mistake and tried to improve her flaws.

This means that Arielle is someone who can endure hardships and stay calm despite being blamed.

She would be extremely dangerous if she decides to lash out

“Darling, listen to me. I’ve thought about it. You should just receive your trophy obediently. Don’t try to

say anything else. We should try our best to understand her There will be plenty of chances to deal

with her in the future,” Cindy said solemnly.

Ainght, Mom.” Shandie nodded her head in agreement. Despite her actions, she didn’t seem to share

the same thoughts as Cindy.