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Guardian Wolf

Chapter 40
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Kicking the door closed behind us I stalk over to our bed and drop Nova causing her
to bounce slightly. Seeing the need in her eyes makes me growl lightly as her eyes. darken with lust. Climbing over her I hover
above and cage my arms by the sides of her head, “you’re mine” I whisper in her ear causing her to tremble as I k*ss down her
neck slowly. Feeling her b*dy arch so her hardened n*****s graze my chest I bite back a groan as she pants lightly in anticipation.
Lifting my head above hers our eyes meet as we pause for a second, seeing her eyes.
flash down to focus on my lips her tongue darts out and wets her own. That’s all I
need to crash my lips against hers as we fight for dominance, sweeping my tongue in she moans into my mouth lightly as her
hands tug on my hair holding me close. Our
lips move in sync as her hips lift to graze her warm core against my hard shaft
confined in my trousers. Her hands scratch lightly down my back before grasping my
waistband and with a swift jerk has them ripped off freeing me from my confines.
Breathing a sigh of relief I see Nova smirking up at me as her hands move round my
front and grasp my shaft pumping it steadily. Bucking my hips up into her I reach my
hand round and squeeze her boobs before lowering my mouth and sucking a
hardened bud into my mouth. Seeing her bite her lip through my lashes i surge up
and claim her lips with mine again before her legs lock around my waist and she
swiftly turns us so she’s straddling me.
Tracing her hand down my chest she bites her lip as she grinds down onto me,
winking at me quickly she swiftly flips herself so her glistening core is perfectly
placed above me. Feeling her warm lips surround my shaft I take a deep scent of her

arousal before grasping her hips and pulling her down to meet my tongue. As she sets a steady rhythm bobbing her head I
match it as I lick her core and suck on her
swollen cl it. Feeling the tension grow she starts to move her hips to meet my tongue,
Nova sucks me harder before reaching a hand around to play with my tightening
balls. As I bite gently on her cl it she hums against my shaft. “Let go love” I link huskily as I feel her legs quiver near my head.
Feeling her move jerkily up and down my shaft I lift my hips to meet her mouth as I slide a finger in and curl it making her tighten
as her juices flow as her b*dy is rocked with pleasure.

“f**k Nova” I shout as my hips jerk and my c*m spurts down her throat. As I feel her
relax above me I quickly lift and spin her round ripping the rest of her clothes off of her before moving over and thrusting deep
inside her making her gasp. Smirking down at her I hold her hips down with one of my hands and place the other on her neck
lightly showing her who the Alpha is between us. As her eyes darken showing her pleasure I increase my pace grunting as I
thrust into her hard making her gasp in
“Oh my goddess Jax YESSS” she screams as I rub her cli t with my thumb.
“You’re mine Nova, MINE” I growl as I lift her hips to meet mine making her tremble, as her walls tighten I thrust into her and lean
down biting her neck on her marking
spot making her convulse towards me as pleasure fills her b*dy and flows through
our bond. Feeling her walls clench around my shaft I release a guttural groan as she reaches up and bites down on my own
mark making my shaft twitch as I release deep inside her.
Slumping down over her I gently k*ss her shoulder as we try to steady our breathing. Rolling over I grin at the ceiling, “da mn” I
whisper, looking over at Nova I see her eyes. closed as her breathing quickly evens out.
“Tired her out” Zeus smirks to me smugly.
“Good” I murmur as I let myself drift off into the darkness.
Waking up I feel Novas leg draped over me as her head rests of my chest, the sunlight. filtering through the curtains making me
groan as i look to see what time it is.
“Nova love you need to wake up, it’s 8am. We have breakfast with everyone” I whisper as I gently k*ss her cheek. Sitting up she
slowly rubs her eyes before stretching as she wakes up.

Yawning she rolls her shoulders a few times, “I slept so well” she smiles at me.
“Glad to have been of service” I reply cheekily before standing and walking into the bathroom. After freshening up quickly I swap
with Nova to quickly get dressed. Checking my phone I see I’ve got a missed call from Axton which I immediately call
“Morning Alpha Jax” he answers on the 2nd ring, “I hope you enjoyed Novas party?”

He asks politely.
“It was great thanks for asking, I’m sure that’s not why you’re calling though” I chuckle lightly.
“No..no it’s not. It’s about Caroline. I can arrange for her to be transported to your

pack this afternoon, I didn’t want to do it earlier and cause Nova more stress but now her birthday is out the way I don’t see the
need to put it off any longer” he explains.
“I agree. That’s fine, Luca will be staying here until tomorrow evening as arranged so l believe it could be beneficial Caroline
being brought here so Luca is supporting Noval when we attempt to wake her” i muse walking over to stand by the window.
“Definitely. I’ll have my Gam ma and 4 warriors as well as 2 medical professionals transport her, is 4pm ok for her arrival?” He
“Yes I’ll make arrangements with our pack hospital this morning so they are ready for her arrival. Can I check, has she woken at
all since her detainment?” I inquire.
“Not once, she was knocked unconscious during the attack by Novas mother, sorry her adopted mother. Nova is the one who
made the decision to transport her to the hospital and she was later transferred to the long term unit when she showed no
indication of waking. I trusted Novas judgement and obviously now I understand why she had the feeling even though she didn’t
understand at the time” he sighs. .

“Well thank you for calling to organise it Alpha, if you could notify me when
your Ga mma is on the way I’d appreciate that. Good bye Alpha” I say before disconnecting the call as Nova exits the bathroom
dressed and ready to go down.
Holding my phone up I shake it before speaking “Axton just called..Caroline is being transferred to here this afternoon so we can
try and wake her” I say looking at Noval closely. Seeing her pause slightly before shaking her head then nodding she smiles
“Well it’s best to get everything in motion and that’s the first step which is good” she
says positively.
“It is, I’ll speak to the pack hospital this morning and arrange everything” I assure her
as I take her hand leading her downstairs.
“Thank you” she whispers before dropping a k*ss on my cheek and smiling widely as
we walk into the company of others.
“It’ll be ok” I link her quietly.
“I know it will be..I’ve got you” she links me back making me smile to myself.
“Morning everyone” I smile as we sit down to enjoy breakfast.
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