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Guardian Wolf

Chapter 38
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Nova POV:
As I stand to one side looking around the party I can’t help the smile that’s plastered
on my face as I look at those I’ve grown to love enjoy themselves.
“You look happy” I hear Mila comment as she comes to stand beside me.
“My adopted brother found his mate in my biological sister, he’s been waiting for
many years so I’m over the moon for him. Plus this is a great party, it’s lovely to relax. and spend time with everyone” I grin
turning to look at her.
Raising her wine glass to clink mine she winks, “the alcohol is a bonus.”
“Definitely” I laugh.
“It was nice to see you stick up against my father earlier” she says turning round to
look around the party again..
“I understand where he’s coming from, it wasn’t upsetting so I’m not offended. I know what it means to look out for family and
that’s what he was doing, but I’m glad he knows I’ll speak up for myself” I shrug casually.
“Oh he’s aware alright” she smirks, “he’s a great father and was a brilliant Alpha.”
“I have no doubt about that” I assure her.
“But as you’re probably aware Alphas like to be in control. Handing the reigns over to
Jax was hard on him, he lost the feeling of being in charge and knowing everything
going on” she continues, “Jax has always made sure to keep my parents in the loop.
They have the right to know as the previous Alpha and Luna and my father knows Jax
is a brilliant Alpha himself. There are just times, such as now, where he knows there
is more going on and his Alpha mindset is pushing him to find out.”
“Trust me I understand Mila. I’m grateful to you all for being understanding and not
pushing me to say more, please know that in time I will. But before I do Jax and I
need to find out some more information” I start explaining.
Mila quickly grasps my arm making me look at her, “Nova you don’t need to explain.
Even from the very short time I’ve known you I can sense the kind of woman you are,
and Jax is lucky to have you. We have faith in you both and just know that when your
are ready to talk..we’re here.”

“Thank you Mila” I say softly.
“So your brother has found his mate?” She asks.
“He has” I smile.
“Well I have to say congratulations, although that’s now one more hotty I can’t admire
anymore” she smirks.
“Pfft do not let Luca hear you say that, I swear all the men around here have no issues
with their huge egos” I chuckle as she joins in.
“So you have a mate Mila?” I ask.
“I do, he’s Alpha Bruno of the Deep Forest Pack” she says with an odd look in her eye. Seeing she has no mark on her neck I
wait to see if she has more to say. “He didn’t
want me” she murmurs.
“He rejected you?” I ask shocked.
Grimacing she gulps her wine down, “oh no. He had a chosen mate, one he had been. with for 4 years from the end of school.
Her mate died two days after they met in suspicious circumstances. He wanted to keep us both” she growls.
“What?” I ask horrified.
“I know” she rolls her eyes, “I uttered my end of the rejection when he demanded I become a mistress to ensure he has a strong
heir but he would mark his chosen Lunal
but he has yet to accept it.”
“Da mn..” I tra
“I was broken for a while but now I’m just glad we were never marked although I’m
not sure he would have even considered it. I don’t think I’m strong enough to deal with the betrayal like my brother had to” she

“Hurts like hell” i grimace at the memories.

“Oh Nova, I’m so sorry” she says twirling to face me.
“Don’t be” I wave off, “so what are you going to do if you don’t mind me asking?”
“He has a month left, that’s what Jax gave him. If he doesn’t accept the rejection by
then we will contact the council” she says with confidence.
“I assume because you rejected him you don’t feel him with another as strongly?” I
ask intrigued
“I do, but it’s minimal. When I rejected him our bond was massively weakened, then with the distance between us it’s only grown
fainter. But I can still sense it, Alia my wolf felt sorry for his wolf as he was against Bruno’s love for his chosen mate but he also
understands why we cannot stay with him. Now Alia takes the pain whenever we experience any as she says she wants to, to
remind herself that our fated mate does
not respect us” she explains.
“Wow..Alia is amazing then” I compliment.
“I couldn’t ask for a better wolf” she smiles.
sorry you had to go through that Mila” I say quietly.
“So am I, but what’s done is done. I hope to be granted a second choice mate, goddess knows my first was not worth me” she
laughs. “I’ve been staying at our cousins pack who is joining us later but after next week I’ll be back here.”
“Well im here if you ever need someone to talk to” I offer.
“Thank you Nova, I’d like that” she says giving me a hug.
Hearing raised voices I see my father and David involved in a heated debate.
“Oh goddess what now” I groan, “can we ladies not enjoy our wine in peace.” With a slight chuckle from Mila we head over to
“What’s going on here?” I ask loudly interrupting the men
“David has an opinion on rogues, which I understand why. He asked what I do

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differently and I explained however I don’t think I’ve filled him with confidence” my
father grimaces at me with an apologetic look in eye.
“Where’s Sophie?” I ask calmly as I see the anger in David’s eyes.
“Luca took her for a walk” Jax says as he stands beside me.
“Ok, right you two with me...now” I growl before turning on my feet and storming into
the packhouse.
Entering the lounge I gesture to the sofa “sit.”
“I do not appreciate being told what to do Nova” David warns me as he takes a seat..
“And I do not appreciate your attitude at a celebration. It is my birthday, the pack is celebrating having a new Luna and my
adopted brother and biological sister have found out they are mates. This negative discussion is not necessary and I’m going to
clear it up...immediately” I tell him my eyes flashing with that of Kia’s.
“I’m sorry lay
I know he’s your father but until he knows more this is going to be a problem” I say turning to look at Jax with an apologetic look
in my eyes.
“Nova don’t apologise, I already warned my father but he hasn’t listened” he says throwing a dirty glance in his fathers direction.
Turning to speak to my father and Jaxs I harden my gaze. “My father is a man who has suffered greatly in the years we have
been separated. What I am about to tell your needs to be kept between ourselves. It is not public knowledge as of yet and until
we have met with the council we don’t know what is going to happen.” I start.
“Your father is the Rogue King” David starts in anger.
With a loud growl Kia pushes to the forefront and my aura releases causing everyone, including my father, to bow their necks in

“Our father is a strong man, a good man. I strongly advise you listen to Nova” she growls to David who is looking up at us in
“W...what?” He stutters out as he realises the power behind us.
“I’m sorry David, I truly am. I wish for nothing more than a nice relationship between my mates father and myself. But until you
put your alpha pride to one side that is going to be a struggle.
Taking a deep breath and reigning my aura in I feel Jaxs hand land on my shoulder showing his support. “Let me start again. My

mother, my fathers mate was a human. Her parents were hunters who have done nothing but cause harm to her and our family.
They came after my parents very shortly after I was born where my parents. had to separate. To protect me my mother made the
heartbreaking decision to leave. me with my brother Lucas family, I was 3 weeks old. My mother to our knowledge.
sacrificed herself to protect me, my father could not join any pack and had to live life
as a rogue to this day ever since attempting to lead the hunters away from my mother and myself. He has become the rogue
King, ensuring there is order between the rogues that are in the rogue pack, tracking those who are turning feral and bettering
those who are part of his pack. When looking for me he approached packs peacefully and showed no violence as Jax can
confirm.” Seeing David look at me dubiously I
shake my head.
“There is something you need to know about us David, let me ask you. What is your history on myths?”
“It’s an interest of mine” he admits slowly looking at me in confusion.
“Father would you mind?” I ask gesturing to the large space to the side of me.
“I’d be happy to” he snarls at David offended by the attitude the latter has shown him.
He quickly strips off his clothes and immediately his magnificent wolf is standing
before us. “Hello” I whisper as I go to stroke his neck as he huffs in greeting.
“My father is a Guardian Wolf David, are you familiar with those?” I ask sharply as
turn to see his shocked face.
“Y..yes” I stutters out.
“So you must know that for my father to be a Guardian Wolf he has a good heart.
Everyone around him is a priority and he would give his life to protect them” I say

“They’re real” David murmurs in awe.
Stepping back I look at Jax who nods his head slowly. I turn and strip before shifting seamlessly into Kia, hearing David gasp in
shock we pad over to him quietly before sitting directly in front of him.
“Perhaps now you will know that our love for Jax and Zeus is genuine. Guardian wolves cannot find their mates until they are 25
which I’m sure Nova would be happy to explain more on if you gave her the chance. If Jax dies..we die. We will do anything
within our power to protect those around us and better this pack. Do not ever doubt us again” Kia warns him.
“You can link me?” David asks in shock.
“I can link anyone” she huffs before shifting back. I quickly dress behind Jaxs broad figure as my father does the same in the
“Ki has grown” Jax tells me with pride shining in his eyes. “Let’s go for a run later,
Zeus is desperate.” Grinning at him i nod in agreement.
Turning to see David staring at me in shock I step forward and sit down beside him. “I know this is a shock, however I hope that
now you know..I would never harm or deceive your son or anyone here. My father is loyal, trust worthy and kind. We will fight
ferociously to protect those we love and to right any wrongs.”
“Pa.. Nova is my soul mate, my other half. Kingsley is her father, we are family” Jax
says as he comes to stand before us.
After a moments silence David schools his features and turns to face me, “Nova I cannot apologise enough. I had no idea and I
should have had more faith in Jax. I should have respected today of all days. Please accept my sincere apologies for my
distrust and the attitude I have shown you and your father. I promise from now I will
trust you both.”
Turning to face my dad he stands and offers his hand for a firm shake, “it’s an honour to meet a Guardian wolf. I hope you can
put my initial comments to one side and we
can move past this.”
“Of course” my father murmurs before turning to speak to me.
“Thank you Nova, that could have ended very differently” he says.
“I want no more fighting, after everything we have gone through I want to enjoy the
rest of today” I say firmly to everyone.
“I second my Luna” Jax says before turning and offering his hand, “shall we go .

dance?” He asks with a smile.
“Let’s” I grin at him putting the drama behind me once again.
How everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the book. I’ll be updating multiple a day from now on and it’s about to become a lot more