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Bring Your A Game, Mr

Chapter 24
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Chapter 24

Jasmine‘s eyes darkened as she felt her heart drop. During the morning reading session

the next day, Jasmine led the class‘ Chinese reading lesson as she was the class monitor. Halfway throu

gh the reading, she deliberately took a Chinese passage and put it in front of Elise.

“Please read this for us later.”

Without even looking back at Jasmine, Elise rejected directly. “Sorry, I don‘t want to.”

Jasmine knew that Elise would definitely not dare to do so, so she was even more determined to

make Elise read Chinese. After all, Chinese was not their mother tongue. So, many students were often

able to score in their examinations but were unable to speak the language fluently. For some, their pronu

nciation might not be accurate while others might even face difficulties conversing in the language.


reckoned that Elise must be terrible in Chinese oral and didn‘t dare to read the passage in front of the cla

ss lest she was embarrassed. However, that was exactly what Jasmine wanted–to embarrass her.

“You have no choice but to read it, otherwise I‘ll give you a demerit point.” Students would be given deme

rit points if they acted inappropriately. The majority of the students were afraid of getting demerit points, b

ut Elise was an exception. Not only was she not intimidated at all, but she actually had no intention to be

bothered about Jasmine.

“Go ahead and give me a demerit point then.”

Annoyed, Jasmine further threatened Elise with her authority‘. “What are you trying to do, Elise? The who

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le class listens to me but you. You think you‘re so special, huh?”

Jasmine‘s words had drawn the attention of the rest of the class to Elise as the students stopped reading

and looked toward Elise.

At first, Elise did not understand why Jasmine would insist on her to read the Chinese passage. However

, after seeing her relentless determination, she knew that it was because Jasmine was caught in the com

parison trap.

In fact, Elise

had long comprehended how girls tend to compare with one another inwardly, and she thought that was

very meaningless. Thus, she had no

intention to be bothered with Jasmine, but Jasmine actually started provoking her first.

“Since the other classmates would listen to you, go ask them to read instead. Why do you have to ask


Jasmine snorted. “You‘re a newcomer and you have not read in front of the class before, so I need to un

derstand your situation.”

Although it was a rather awkward reason, it sounded somewhat reasonable.

Jasmine then added, “You just have to read once today and I won‘t ask you to read anymore in the future


“Great!” Elise hummed in response. In order to save the trouble in the future, Elise

stopped refusing, She took up the Chinese textbook and

started reading the passage seriously under Jasmine‘s anticipation

However, as soon as she started reading, the entire class went silent when they heard Elise‘s reading be

cause she was so fluent it was enjoyable to listen to.

On the other hand, Jasmine‘s expression changed at once. With her face turning pale, she clenched her

fists tight. Elise was reading so fluently that it was as if she was raised abroad. Her fluency was much

better than Jasmine‘s, and she didn‘t seem to be a country bumpkin at all!

No way. This is impossible! Jasmine refused to believe it as she stared at Elise in disbelief.

After reading the passage, Elise lifted her head to glance at Jasmine and asked, “Are you happy now?”

Jasmine still wanted to say something, but she was at a loss for words. Meanwhile, because of this episo

de, the other students had a completely different impression of Elise.

It turned out that although the new joiner had a rather average look, she wasn‘t that incapable after all. N

ot only was she good at

Math Olympiad, but her Chinese oral was perfect. They even thought that Elise‘s fluency in Chinese had

way surpassed Jasmine‘s, who was the Chinese class representative.

At the same time, little did Elise expect that this small episode would cause the others to have

a different impression of her. Thereafter, she sat down again and continued practicing math questions. T

he competition was approaching, so she was determined to practice as much as possible.

On the other hand, Danny was used to being late, and today was no different. Since he

was late to class, he didn‘t know about the incident that had happened in the morning. Nevertheless, duri

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ng recess, he realized that unlike normal days where everyone would ignore Elise, there were actually so

me classmates who initiated conversations with her today. Besides, Elise actually got along well with the

m and didn‘t seem to be distant.

This made Danny perplexed. Since when did Elise become this popular?

“Hi Elise, can I be your friend?” While Elise was solving the practice questions, a shy female voice emerge

sized girl, who was staring at her with her large, alluring eyes. The girl‘s face

was even filled with excitement. As Elise would gladly receive a classmate who was friendly, she replied, “

The girl smiled brightly upon hearing Elise‘s response. “Hi Elise, I‘m Mikayla Jameson. Nice to meet you.”

Looking at Mikayla‘s hand which was stretched toward her, Elise was startled. Given that her looks weren

shook hands with Mikayla and said, “Nice to meet you too, Mikayla.”

Mikayla was glad at Elise‘s response. To be frank, she wanted to learn Chinese from Elise. Her Chinese e

satisfactory, and her oral was even rustier. Hence, she wished to learn Chinese from Elise after

seeing her fluent reading in the morning. “Elise, you‘re so fluent in Chinese. Can you teach me the langua

Initially, Elise thought Mikayla was going to ask her for a huge favor, but it turned out to be a small matter,

“Sure. Bring your Chinese textbook. I‘ll teach you.”

As such, Mikayla quickly brought her textbook and started learning from Elise seriously. Before this, her o

In the afternoon when school was over, it was the first time that Elise did not walk out of the school alone.

school gate. Soon, Elise spotted the familiar car of the Griffith Family, so she bid Mikayla goodbye

and walked