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After Dirvorce I become a SheEO by Vada Weeks

Chapter 13
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After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 13

By 8 April 20238 April 20234 min read

After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Gentleman

Lincoln was extremely mysterious, and few people had seen him!

Zayla’s delicate brows were tightly knitted together. It was clearly summer. She did not know where the

cold wind had come from, but it made her feel extremely cold.

She had never expected that the man who had saved her in Dorado Villa was Simon’s uncle.

“You should say this to your nephew.” Zayla’s tone remained calm.

She couldn’t get herself wronged just because he was her savior!

Lincoln just smiled and didn’t say anything. He sat in the car, and the driver closed the door. The

Alphard left…

Zayla stood where she was, deep in thought.

It seemed that Lincoln saved her because he was worried that Simon, his nephew, would kill her by

accident and be imprisoned!

No matter what, Lincoln was indeed a good uncle, but regardless of the reason, it was an indisputable

fact that he had saved her.

However, it was she who wiped away Norah’s blood and did not affect his welcome dinner. She had

paid it back.

As for him telling her to stay far away from Simon, she would just treat it as his request. That was easy.

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She did not want to step into the abyss again!

Now, she did not owe him anything at all!

Then, Zayla turned around and walked to McLaren not far away, and drove the car away…

At this time, in the Alphard.

Melvin kept muttering…

“What are you talking about?” Lincoln asked.

Melvin came back to his senses, and without thinking, he blurted out, “Sir, you are a gentleman. You

won’t steal someone else’s girlfriend,”

Lincoln’s expression was sullen.

A wise man would hide his strength and wait for the right chance. That was true for Lincoln.

After leaving Apricot Hall, Zayla drove to Snow Building.

The security guard at the door saw Zayla and was about to stop her, but he saw her take out two keys

and open the lock.

It was known that the key to Snow Building was passed down from the Civil War period and could not

be replicated!

“This is the key that Mr. Pratt gave me. I came here to take a photo.” Zayla looked at the surprised look

on the security guard’s face and explained with a smile.

“Okay, please.” The security guard was very polite. Seeing her smile, he was a little embarrassed.

“Thank you.” Zayla nodded with a smile and entered the building.

Back then, the West Building was on fire. Although it had been urgently protected, the damage was still

serious. Right now, she could only go upstairs from the east.

Zayla held the camera and walked as she filmed the photos inside the building.

Then, she walked out of the building and planned to take a few photos outside, but she unexpectedly

found that standing there, she could clearly see Dorado Villa!

Moreover, there was a surveillance camera that was facing the window of the living room of Dorado

Villa! Zayla’s eyes trembled, and she immediately looked for the equipment room!

The equipment room was located between East Building and West Building, a narrow position.

Melvin had already given all his keys to Snow Building to her. Zayla smoothly opened the door of the

equipment room and confirmed that all the monitoring equipment was running!

She quickly tapped the keyboard and searched for the surveillance video from six days ago.

Sure enough!

The high–definition surveillance clearly recorded the scene of Norah herself drinking the aborticide!

And from this angle, there was no trace of Zayla!

It was really easy to find this.

Zayla chuckled.

She wanted to expose Norah’s trick and drive her mad, so it was very necessary to keep the


She took out a USB from her bag and copied the entire footage.

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