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After Dirvorce I become a SheEO by Vada Weeks

Chapter 11
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After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Is Mr. Russo Blind?

“My choice is Twilight Studio.”

As soon as this was said, the employees of Twilight Studio were instantly excited. The Russo Group lost!

In these five years, the Russo Group had been unstoppable and invincible in the industry, but now it lost

to an unknown studio. It was incredible.

Compared to the excitement of her subordinates, Zayla just cracked a smile.

“Thank you for letting me win, Mr. Russo.”

After saying that, Zayla went on stage, shook hands with Melvin, and signed the contracts.

Twilight Studio won the bidding!

In an instant, the topics like “Twilight Studio won against the Russo Group“, “The Russo Group failed with

regret“, etc. were on top trending searches.

It triggered a heated discussion on the internet.

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“Wee, I feel sorry for Mr. Russo. How handsome Mr. Russo is! He is everything to me!”

“Does the internet have no memory? Hey, wake up. Do you want to be Mr. Russo’s sworn sister, too?”

“Who exactly is that beautiful woman at Twilight Studio? I see that she has always been confident,

without the slightest bit of timidity.”

“Everyone, don’t you think that this beautiful woman looks a bit similar to Mr. Russo’s ex–wife?”

Soon, the netizens found the photos taken in the courthouse and compared them.

With their sharp eyes, the netizens confirmed through a tiny mole at the corner of Zayla’s eye that it was

the same person.

“It is Mr. Russo’s ex–wife! What shocking news it is!”

“Mr. Russo’s ex–wife looks hundreds of times more beautiful that the home wrecker! Is “Mr. Russo ends

up with a lose–lose. Does his ex–wife play the real version of ‘Why Women Kill‘?

The employees of Twilight Studio were also shocked. Only a few core members knew that Zayla was

Stephen’s sister. However, they did not expect that Zayla was Simon’s ex–wife.

After all, it was difficult to associate the dressed–up Zayla with Simon’s ordinary–looking ex–wife.

After the bidding, the team members left first and went back to the studio to do follow–up preparations,

including arranging for a simple interview with the media. Meanwhile, Zayla found Melvin and got the key

to Snow Building, as well as the documents that needed to be handed over.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Twilight Studio revive the previous Snow Building,” Melvin said as he

extended his hand to Zayla.

Zayla nodded and shook hands with Melvin. “We will work all out to fulfill your wish.” Zayla’s eyes and

expressions were all as determined as ever.

After leaving the conference hall, Zayla bumped into Simon in the corridor. “Zayla, we need to talk.”

Simon’s figure blocked the light in front of Zayla, just like in those five years, covering her dazzling all


Zayla didn’t even glance at Simon, “Mr. Russo, I have nothing to talk about with you. Their relationship

had ended.

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“Zayla, it is about me and Norah…‘

“I’m not interested to know,” Zayla interrupted Simon, and she was about to pass around him.

“Zayla!” Simon held her slender wrist and said angrily, “How long are you going to deceive me?”

What did she deceive him?

If it was about her identity as the daughter of the Vargas family, she had already chosen to draw a clear

line with her family to marry him back then, so it could not be counted as a deception.

As for secretly winning the three construction projects for him, Zayla hid it from her family, and she was

even more worried that her identity would cause trouble to Simon.

Zayla did everything for Simon before, but in Simon’s opinion, it was all her deceptions towards him.

Zayla curled her lips into a mocking smile. It was unknown whether she was mocking the man in front of

her or her past self.

“Mr. Russo, please have some self–respect!”

Simon was so angry that he laughed instead. The biting cold aura he emitted was even stronger than the

cold wind in winter.

Simon did not let go of Zayla. Instead, he pressed Zayla against the wall on the side.

“Simon, let go of me!” Zayla looked at Simon with anger in her eyes.