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A Matter of Wife and Love by Mila

Chapter 410
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Chapter 408 The Night Was Long

Amelie knew that if she didn’t bring Bria along, Bria wouldn’t be able to sleep all night.

When they arrived, the Alstons were just about to have dinner.

The butler greeted them with a smile. “You’ve come just in time. Mr. Alston is eating alone.”

Amelie looked at the table.

It seemed that Leo had anticipated their arrival as there were two extra sets of utensils on the table.

Bria blinked a few times when she saw him and pursed her lips. She was excited when they had just arrived, but

now, she was just standing still in silence.

Leo got up and walked over to them.

He bent down and hugged Bria.

Bria suddenly burst into tears.

Amelie looked at Bria balling her eyes out, knowing that she had been suppressing too much fear, worry, and

grievances during this time.

Leo didn’t try to comfort her. He just held her and let her cry.

After a while, Bria finally stopped crying.

Only then did Leo carry her to the dining table where he wiped her tears with a tissue.

Amelie watched quietly as she saw him delicately wiping the tears off Bria’s face with the tissue, only pressing it on

the areas with tears.

His long and straight eyelashes fluttered; it was neat and tidy as he focused on Bria.

He didn’t stop until all the tears on Bria’s face were wiped away. Then, he put down the tissue, took a bowl, picked

up some food, and fed her one spoonful at a time.

Bria was obedient as she ate one spoonful at a time, even if it was something she didn’t like to eat.

“Miss Dillon, please have a seat.” The butler walked over and pulled out a chair for her.

Amelie hesitated for a moment before sitting down.

The butler asked if she wanted wine.

She declined and the butler filled a bowl of rice for her.

Amelie lowered her head and ate silently.

Across from her, Leo had finished feeding Bria. He started to eat.

He ate slowly and quietly as he was a very cultured man.

After dinner, Bria insisted on sleeping with Leo. She refused to go back no matter what.

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Amelie couldn’t bear to force her to leave. So, she had to call Steven and inform him that Bria wouldn’t be home


There were many servers in Alston Residence, and with Leo there, it wouldn’t be a problem to leave Bria here for

the night.

She prepared to leave after ending the phone call.

However, Bria insisted that Amelie help her with her bath.

Bria learned to bathe herself a long time ago, but she was just acting spoiled now.

She had always been obedient, but today she was being particularly stubborn.

Leo felt sorry for her. He looked at Amelie and said, “Could you help her bathe for my sake?”

Amelie couldn’t find a reason to decline him.

In the end, she could only take Bria upstairs and help her with her bath.

After the bath, Bria wanted her to carry her to Leo’s room.

When Amelie walked inside, she saw that Leo had already finished showering.

He probably knew that Bria was coming. So, he dressed more conservatively, but there was still a lot of skin

showing from the neckline of his bathrobe.

Although he had been in a coma for three months, his body hadn’t changed much. It was still firm.

Amelie had almost no experience with men and had never entered a man’s room before. For a moment, her throat

tightened and she didn’t know where to look.

She turned her head and handed Bria to him.

As Leo took Bria, his palm slid over the back of her hand.

It was still dry, but the temperature had risen a lot.

She turned around and quickly ran out.

Downstairs, the butler saw her coming and hurried over. “Miss Dillon, it’s late now, and Bria is here too. Why don’t

you stay for the night?”

He gestured to the floors upstairs and downstairs. “There are many guest rooms here. You can choose whichever

you want.”

Amelie was speechless.

The butler could tell she didn’t want to stay, and he smiled. “I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that Bria hasn’t

stayed here for a long time and she may not be used to it. If she wants to see you at night and you’re not here, and

Mr. Alston has just recovered…”

His reason left Amelie no way out. She could only nod in agreement.

The butler took the initiative to give her the guest room next to Leo’s room.

This room was the closest to Bria. If anything happened, she could also get to the child quickly.

After thanking the butler, Amelie quickly received a set of new sleepwear and toiletries from him.

She freshened up herself.

After several years, she was back at Alston Residence again.

Although she was not there as the young mistress, her treatment now was much better compared to back then.

Amelie smiled bitterly. Although she didn’t want to dwell on the past, she still couldn’t help but lament.

She couldn’t fall asleep, so she went downstairs.

Without realizing it, she ended up on the bottommost level, which was the garage.

The small room where she had once slept was still as simple as ever.

Standing there, Amelie couldn’t help but wonder. If there had been no misunderstanding from the beginning, she

would have had the courage to tell Leo her true identity, and there wouldn’t be so many conflicts later. She had

resented Leo for his heartlessness before, but she later realized that it was fate playing tricks on her. He had kept

his promise from the beginning to the end, but he realized his promise to the wrong person. She too had been

wholehearted to him this whole time but had used the wrong approach.

Amelie was lost in her thoughts for a while. She slowly walked upstairs when she felt chilly and pushed open the

door to the guest room.

Just as she opened the door, she almost collided with someone rushing out from the inside.

Amelie was stunned, but luckily the person had regained their balance.

Then anxiety in his eyes was extremely noticeable. She could clearly see it.

Leo fixed his gaze on her as she entered the room. The anxiety in his heart suddenly turned into an impulse.

He grabbed Amelie and pulled her into the room, then slammed the door shut with a bang.

Then, he pressed her against the door and began to kiss her madly.

Amelie had never kissed a man before. She was both inexperienced and nervous. She didn’t know what to do.

She could only struggle.

He held her head tightly with one hand and clasped her waist with the other, not allowing her to back away or


She was kissed until she couldn’t breathe. Her knees were starting to weaken.

Only then did he finally let her go, but he still didn’t release his grip on her.

He was holding onto her waist.

His forehead was pressed against hers as he breathed heavily.

His scorching breath sprayed on her neck and stimulated every single cell of hers.

“You… let go of me,” Amelie said nervously. She had never done this with anyone before.

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Leo held her even tighter without saying a word. He pressed Amelie to his chest, burying his head in her shoulder.

Amelie felt the heat emanating from his body, just like that night years ago.

She became even more nervous and started twisting in his arms.

“Don’t move!” he whispered, his breath becoming heavier.

Although she had no experience with this, she wasn’t young and immediately understood what was going on.

Her face turned red in a second.

“Don’t mess around,” she said softly, her voice trembling.

Even when she was in danger, she had never been this nervous before.

Leo chuckled in her ear.

The heat in his laughter sprayed on her ear, making her earlobe even hotter.

“I want to mess around, but… my experience is also very limited,” he muttered.

Amelie was dumbfounded.

He and Elyse had been together for so many years, so Amelie couldn’t believe what he said.

“Whether you believe it or not, I have never touched Elyse,” he murmured.

Amelie looked at him in surprise.

Leo looked at her dumbfounded expression and found her even cuter than before. He couldn’t help but give her a

peck on the nose.

“In the beginning, we were young. I didn’t want to hurt her. I thought that no matter what, we had to wait until after

marriage to do such things. However, too much happened in between, and in the end…” he sighed.

He didn’t explain further, but Amelie knew the story well enough.

Elyse took advantage of Leo’s love for her and fooled around without boundaries. First, only rumors were spread

about her with other men. In the end, she was caught in bed with someone else.

Later, Leo and Amelie spent that night together. That was when Leo’s relationship with Elyse was finally over.

“I have been yours from the beginning to the end,” he whispered softly in her ears.

Amelie’s face immediately became hot again.

By the time she came to her senses, the man’s lips were already causing endless mischief.

Although they were both inexperienced, women were no match for men in this situation.

Amelie tried to remain calm and reminded him that they had no relationship with each other.

“It’s because we have no relationship that we need to create one,” he said.

The skies turned dark. The breeze lifted the curtains occasionally, and even the wind became shy by the scene

inside and quickly retreated. Yet, curiosity was hard to suppress, and the curtains were lifted again and again.

The night was long.