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Love Unbreakable

Chapter 378 Reagan's Memorries
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Chapter 378 Raegan's Memories The freezing cold surrounded Raegan, engulfing her in an icy cave and causing her to tremble uncontrollably.

Memories from the past surged through Raegan's mind like a slideshow. "This is the divorce agreement... Don't be ridiculous...

Lauren's condition is grave... Be reasonable... How could you be so heartless... Don't use such childish antics..." Each word felt like a dagger, piercing deeply into Raegan's heart. Sweat beaded on her temples as she curled up in anguish.

Amidst the turmoil, Raegan caught sight of Mitchel holding her past self, who desperately pleaded, "Mitchel,

save us... Save our child..." Painful memories flooded into Raegan's mind like a bursting dam, leaving her on the brink of collapse.

Seizing the opportunity, Lauren aimed the long, slender needle at Raegan's neck. Its sharp tip gleamed with a menacing light as it darted forward.

Mitchel's dark eyes widened in alarm.

Just as he was about to act, he suddenly heard something.

"Argh!" Raegan's cry of pain echoed through the room.

Mitchel's heart skipped a beat. Right then, the needle hovered just a millimeter from Raegan's neck.

Without hesitation, Mitchel grasped the syringe. It felt like a mosquito had bitten him as the needle pierced into his palm.

The next second, Mitchel's body went limp, numb, and powerless.

Phantoms danced before Mitchel's eyes. He shook his head violently and bit down hard on his tongue. The metallic taste of blood jolted him back to reality, if only for a moment.

"Bang!" Mitchel delivered a heavy kick that sent Lauren crashing into the door panel. Lauren didn't even have a chance to utter a groan before losing consciousness.

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Raegan's hand felt as cold as ice, and her heart throbbed with pain.

Seeing her agonized expression, Mitchel's heart twisted painfully, and he felt utterly helpless. He clung to her tightly. His grip was so intense that his fingers turned white. He was desperately trying to transfer his

warmth to her "Raegan, Raegan..." His eyes filled with a fiery rage. How he wished he could bear her pain and shield her from harm.

Just then, a flurry of people burst in.

Medical staff and law enforcement officers swarmed in.

Once Lauren was carried away, paramedics moved in to place Raegan on a stretcher. However, Mitchel held onto Raegan and refused to let go.

Perhaps due to the infection of the syringe, despite knowing the emergency of Raegan receiving medical care, he couldn't bring himself to let Raegan go, fearing she might disappear like she once did five years ago.

When medical staff approached, Mitchel's rage boiled over, and he roared, "Don't you dare touch her!"

Intimidated by his ferocity, the medical staff hesitated to approach and could only plead, "Sir, please don't delay emergency treatment..." "Fuck off!" Mitchel bellowed, his temples pulsating, his body trembling with emotion. His mind felt foggy, alternating between drowsiness and clarity.

In his heart, he vowed not to let what happened five years ago repeat. He wanted to ensure no harm came Raegan's way. Not with him still breathing.

"Mitchel!" Devonte pushed through the crowd and gripped Mitchel's shoulder tightly. With a penetrating gaze, he urged, "Let the doctors attend to her first." His friend's words gradually calmed Mitchel's frenzy. With bloodshot eyes and a voice choked with emotion,

Mitchel whispered, "Save her." Tears of heartache streamed down Mitchel's face, a stark contrast to his usual towering, proud demeanor. "I'm begging you... Save her..." Once the initial shock wore off, Devonte placed a comforting hand on Mitchel's shoulder and reassured him, "Everything's gonna be alright." Seeing that Raegan hadn't suffered any visible injuries, Devonte concluded that her condition was likely due to psychological trauma. With prompt treatment, there shouldn't be any major problems. But even so, Mitchel's emotional state remained a concern.

Mitchel followed Raegan into the ambulance.

As the dressing room emptied, the police sealed it off to collect evidence.

Among the items discovered were two


Matteo stayed behind to aid the investigation. Upon reviewing the surveillance footage, he was shocked to see the syringes. What could possibly be in them? At the ward entrance, Mitchel anxiously asked the doctor about Raegan's condition.

"The patient didn't suffer serious injuries. However, a head injury from a heavy blow in the past left residual blood clots. The reaction is likely caused by stimulation from the clot..." "What?" Mitchel blurted out in shock.

"She had had a head injury?" "Yes. It appears to have happened several years ago. Although the clot isn't big, its location is quite tricky, sO surgery wasn't performed.” Mitchel's lips drained of color. A blood

clot lingering for years Mitchel doubted Raegan would suffer when living with the Foster family.

After all, he had witnessed firsthand Erick's indulgence. Moreover, Raegan seemed to have lived a privileged life.

The only plausible scenario was when Raegan plunged into the river after the car accident five years ago.

A sharp pain pierced Mitchel's chest, leaving him gasping for air. He had never considered such possibility. He couldn't bear to think about what had happened to Raegan after falling into the river...

The thought of her desperately clinging to life hit Mitchel like a tidal wave. He had narrowly missed her then.

At this moment, a barrage of hammers seemed to strike Mitchel's head. He

reached out and clutched his head Simultaneously, his body swayed unsteadily. Then, with a heavy thud, his once tall and imposing figure crumpled to the ground.

"Sir!" Matteo rushed over and begged the doctor, "Quick! Save him! He's been injected with an unknown substance!” Just moments ago, the police had reviewed the surveillance footage and saw Mitchel, in the final moments, holding the needle that had pierced Raegan.

Raegan only regained consciousness the day later. Her mind felt clearer than ever before. Mitchel's cruelty, her grandmother's passing, the heart- wrenching loss of their child... Every detail. Everything. It was like reliving a tragic movie in her mind. Raegan had recalled all.

Yet, regaining her memories only intensified her pain, Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. Because of Mitchel, Raegan had suffered so much. Even before she reclaimed her memory loss, she found herself entangled with him once again. It seemed like fate was playing a cruel joke on her.

At this moment, the door swung open, and Stefan entered. His face lit up with joy upon seeing Raegan awake.

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"Raegan, you're awake!" Raegan nodded weakly and slowly sat up.

"How are you feeling?" Stefan asked with concern.

"I'm fine," Raegan replied. "By the way, does Erick know I'm hospitalized?" stefan shook his head. "I haven't told him yet."

Stefan had rushed over the moment he received the news. Seeing Raegan asleep earlier, he had arranged for some nutritional soup to be prepared in case she woke up feeling hungry.

"Gan we keep this from Erick for now?" Raegan requested. "I don't want him to worry about me." Though clueless about Erick's schedule, she didn't want to add on his burden since he had been dealing with the family conflict.

Seeing Raegan's relatively minor injuries, Stefan agreed, "Sure. Let's wait until he returns, and then you can inform him yourself." "How's everyone at my home?" Raegan suddenly asked.

"I just went there. Annis and Janey are both doing well, although Janey misses you dearly. Would you like me to bring

her to visit you tomorrow?" Stefan offered.

Raegan longed to see Janey. But the possibility of Janey meeting Mitchel at the hospital deterred her.

"I should be fine after another day of rest," she assured Stefan.

Thankfully, Raegan hadn't sustained significant injuries. However, she had to be observed for another day before she could be discharged.

After some consideration, Stefan agreed. Without another word, he brought over a lunch box, portioned it for Raegan, and handed her the fork, urging her to eat.

Raegan sincerely thanked Stefan. After a while, she finished her meal.

As Stefan cleared the table, he noticed a paper on the bedside cabinet. He nicked it up and asked, "Raegan, did

you draw this?" Seeing her sketch in his hands, Raegan nodded.

"How did you know about this pattern?" Stefan asked, his brows knitted together, and his expression growing serious.