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Love Unbreakable

Chapter 376 The Truth (Part One)
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Chapter 376 The Truth (Part One) ‘Do you remember now, Raegan?" Lauren's face contorted with madness, a twisted sneer curling her lips. "Then you ought to know your damn grandmother and your child have no place in this world!" Lauren's hand slammed the door with a resounding force, filling the room with a chilling echo. "They died because of you! If you had just complied and parted ways with Mitchel from the start, none of this would have happened!" From within the dressing booth, Raegan's voice trembled with despair as she said, "So it was you..." Lauren's furious pounding on the door abruptly stopped, her expression

morphing into something both eerie and unsettling. Raegan's crying was so pleasant to her ears. It deserved to be relished to the fullest.

Raegan wept desperately, struggling to catch her breath as she stuttered, "You vile creature... You are responsible for my grandmother's death and the loss of my child..." Lauren erupted into maniacal laughter.

"How delightful it is to hear your cries! Cry louder, for this might be the last time you cry in your wretched existence." Raegan suddenly ceased crying, announcing in a trembling, yet determined voice, "I won't cry! I won't give you the satisfaction!" Lauren's expression reverted to its sinister state as she hysterically demanded, "Cry! Cry! I want to see you kneeling before me begging for mercy!"

But Raegan remained resolute, "Keep dreaming!" Lauren scratched her head and violently tugged at her own hair, yanking out clumps until a bald patch formed. She cackled wildly. "Have you forgotten how your grandmother died? Guess what? That nursing house was under my uncle's ownership. Your grandmother's medical records showed she was in perfect health, with years ahead of her.

I had Tessa spread rumors about you there, wanting to piss your grandmother off. I had intended to wait until your grandmother collapsed in fury before making my move. But much to my surprise, your grandmother was so considerate. She simply passed away without me lifting a finger..." "You are insane!" Raegan yelled. Grief-

stricken, she couldn't hold back her mournful cries Lauren took pleasure in Raegan's pained cries, a twisted sense of satisfaction washing over her.

Killing Raegan without making her suffer was never Lauren's idea. She intended to have Raegan meet her demise consumed by pain and regret, departing with a heart full of bitterness. The mere thought had a twisted fascination gripping her.

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"And your child..." Lauren began.

"Stop it!" Raegan's voice cracked, teetering on the edge of collapse. "I won't listen! Don't... Don't say anything else..." How could Lauren stop now? Anything to inflict further suffering upon Raegan, she would pursue with relentless determination.

"Your loss of the child was also my doing. Just as you had surmised, Tessa cooperated with me. She offended you and was coerced into a difficult situation by Mitchel. I intervened, provided her with financial assistance for her treatment, and hinted at your presence in the same hospital. Then, I staged an abduction, fooling Mitchel into believing I was in danger and rushing to my side. That was how Tessa could play her part and harm you and your damn baby." Raegan writhed in anguish, her voice trembling. "You staged your own kidnapping? Do you honestly think you can evade punishment after all the bad things you have done? The truth will come to light eventually. There is justice in Ardlens!" "Who would dare to punish me?" Lauren chuckled, disdain evident in her smile.

She grew weary of Raegan's naive optimism, a smirk playing on her lips.

"And do you know what became of the individuals I hired to stage my abduction?" Before Raegan could respond, Lauren continued, "They took the bag of cash and planned to flee overseas, but I had meddled with the van's brake pads. All of them met their demise within this fucking country!" Lauren mimicked a throat-slitting motion.

Lauren's lips curled into a malevolent smile. "You are going to meet your end tonight. As you descend into the abyss, you might even cross paths with them.

You can't hold a candle to me, moron!" After saying that, the sound of Lauren's departing footsteps echoed.

There was a brief silence for a moment.

Suddenly, a resounding crash filled the room as Lauren delivered a forceful kick. The dressing booth door was violently kicked open.

In the dimly lit dressing booth, Lauren caught sight of a figure with flowing hair. Her eyes instantly shimmered with malice and twisted intent.

With a surge of rage, Lauren brandished the dagger and charged forward, thrusting with all her might! An onslaught of stabs followed! With each plunge of the dagger, Lauren's jealousy fueled her relentless assault. How could Raegan be this lucky? How could Raegan be loved by Mitchel? Lauren muttered through gritted teeth, "You deserve to die! Damn you! Go to hell!" Blood spattered across Lauren's face

and body, obscuring her vision with red splatters. Everywhere she looked was a sea of red.

"Go to hell! Go rotten there! All you rotten scoundrels deserve to die!" The hormones in her brain surged incessantly, the intense gratification rendering her unstoppable! After Lauren plunged the dagger over a hundred times, exhaustion finally overtook her, and she collapsed to the ground, the dagger slipping from her grasp with a clutter.

Being weak, she had injected herself with the mysterious drug left by the enigmatic person earlier.

Although the drug granted her immense strength, the side effects were evident. As its effects waned, she felt like a dying dog, every organ in her body failing.

However, she didn't care. Even in death, she intended to drag down Raegan she despised most in life! { Lauren gazed at the blurred figure drenched in blood and laughed uncontrollably. She laughed until every fiber of her being throbbed, and blood started trickling from her lips in uncontrollable spurts. At long last! Raegan, the one she longed to finish, lay there in the pool of blood.

Suddenly, a pair of black leather shoes appeared before Lauren.

Lauren gazed up along the slender legs, meeting the gaze of the handsome Mitchel exuding a chilling aura.

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"Mitchel..." Lauren changed her tone from murderous to mellow, her voice straining to mimic its former gentleness. Unbeknownst to her, her strained and coarse voice grated on the


"You have finally arrived..." Lauren fixed her gaze upon Mitchel she had idolized for years, her eyes brimming with infatuation.

"Mitchel, have you come to take me back? Mitchel..." Before she could finish her words, a deafening bang reverberated through the room.

Lauren's body catapulted off the ground, crashing violently against the dressing room wall.

"Ah!" The impact seemed to rupture Lauren's internal organs, as a torrent of dark blood erupted from her mouth.

Mitchel stood tall, his gaze emitting a chilling aura, as he said coldly, "This kick is for the loss of my unborn child!" The thought of his lost child pierced his heart like a dagger.

His precious child's chance to experience life's wonders was being robbed away because of this conniving woman! Mitchel loathed himself for his naivety and despised himself even more for being overly lenient to Lauren, unwittingly granting her the chance to hurt the woman he treasured and the child he valued. Never had he detested himself so deeply.

At Mitchel's words, Lauren cackled maniacally, blood still streaming from her mouth. She resembled a mound of mud, contorted against the wall in a grotesque pose.

Amidst her laughter, she taunted, "Mitchel... Are you furious? Angry that I dared to harm the woman you hold dear?" Lauren grabbed the mangled woman beside her, yanking the latter's hair

and forcing the latter's disfigured face toward Mitchel, a smirk playing on her lips. "Take a good look... See how miserable the woman you love tooks! 1 stabbed more than a hundred times! Her intestines were pierced and her stomach rotten... How excruciating she must have been!"