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Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Chapter 1006
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Chapter 1006 Acting Mayor Agnes tore into Kaze.

Kaze listened quietly without defending himself.

“Miru even said that she’d assign a new deputy manager to Hudson Investment Firm. Kaze, you should work closely with this new deputy.” Agnes broke the news to Kaze before glaring at him. “You hear me, Kaze?” “Yes.” Kaze nodded, unconcerned about the new deputy manager.

He would not mind so long as the new deputy manager was capable, unlike

Jem who kept harassing him, Once Agnes was gone, Darcy drew close and urged Kaze earnestly. “Cherish the opportunity, Kaze. Do your best, okay? “My mom will stop giving you an attitude when you show her results.” “your word is my command, babe.” Kaze hugged her with a smile, giving her a little squeeze on her hips.

“I’m taking a shower.” Darcy rolled her eyes and went upstairs.

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Kaze was about to hit the showers when he received a call from Johnson.

“What is it, Johnson?” Kaze took the call and asked.

Johnson replied, “Mr. Lee, Narian has been transported back to Sunrise City, but I received word that Taz, the son of the CEO of Lee Investment, fractured his legs in a fight.” “Oh, I ordered to have his legs broken,” Kaze responded.

Johnson had no words.

The legs of Samson’s son were broken first, followed by Narian’s.

Both incidents were linked to Kaze.

Kaze and the Lees were locked in a bitter feud.

“1s there anything else, Johnson?” Kaze asked.

Johnson cleared his distracting thoughts and said, “Here’s the thing, Mr. Lee. I was notified by the governor's office to attend a high-level training course for two weeks. The training will be conducted with no outside world contact.” “Oh, that’s great news. Congrats, Johnson. It’s about time you get a promotion,” Kaze said with a smile.

The training course was Loid’s promise to Johnson.

It was to make it up to Johnson for the recent false accusation, and Loid granted the favor because of Kaze.

«pm indebted to you, Mr. Lee. I will not be where I am today without you. I will never forget what you have done for me, Mr. Lee,” Johnson responded.

| | He then added, “But Mr. Lee, we are going through troubled times in the city. Several affluent families are fighting over power while other prominent families and corporations bid their chance to swoop in.

“I’m concerned that my absence will give them a reason to shift the power dynamics.

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“The order that you have brought might crumble once more, affecting the future and livelihood of the people of Lilyrose,” Johnson said worriedly.

The Vinlands and the Lees were aggressively dipping their fingers into the city before. Without Kaze to keep them in check, they would have turned the city upside down.

“Are you asking me to hold the fort?” Kaze understood where Johnson was coming from.

“That’s right, Mr. Lee. I hope you are able to stand in as the mayor for a while,” Johnson uttered anxiously, worried that Kaze would refuse.

However, Kaze was a highly decorated and respected figure in the military. It was a waste of his talent to work as an acting mayor.

Johnson could tell that Kaze preferred not to draw attention to himself. He returned to Lilyrose to live a quiet life, so he probably wanted to be far away from trouble.

To his surprise, Kaze readily agreed to his proposal. “Sure, no problem.

Lilyrose is my home. I won't let those thieves run the city to the ground.” “Thank you, Mr. Lee. I can rest easy knowing that you're in charge.” Johnson was relieved.