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Guardian-In-Law by Five Generals

Chapter 1004
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Chapter 1004 Adam Plays With Fire Adam’s words did not sit right with Sam.

Sam was lured under the false pretense of discussing the healthcare market, only to find himself expected to provide medical treatment.

Seeing that Adam, a high-ranking officer in the health department, was enlisted to help, the patient must be wealthy and important.

Sam could not stand patients who pulled strings to get what they wanted.

Nevertheless, saving lives was still Sam’s priority. He asked patiently, “Who is the patient?” “Sam, the patient he’s talking about is

likely Narian, and now Cosmo too,” Kaze said curtly.

Kaze was surprised that the Lees had not given up on getting Sam to treat Narian.

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He turned to Adam and said indifferently, “You might not know, but I am the one who fractured Narian’s legs.

“You can leave now. Sam will not treat any member of the Lee family.” Adam was stunned.

Word that Narian was crippled had gone around the privileged community of Sunrise City.

Adam did not expect the assailant to be Kaze.

“Shut up, Kaze! Mind your own

business. You're just a moocher who took your wife's last name. Who are you to influence Professor Whiteman’s decision? “Get over yourself. Get lost!” Snapping out of his shock, Adam lashed out at Kaze before turning to Sam with a smile. “Am I right, Professor Whiteman? You're respected for your service to the people. You won’t turn your back on patients.” However, Sam blew up.

“Kaze is right. I'm turning my back on patients.

“The Lees reaped what they sowed.

They are delusional to think I would treat them.

“1’m not attending the gathering

anymore. I'm leaving.” Sam stormed off.

“Uh! Professor Whiteman, don’t leave!” Adam’s hands grabbed the air as he stomped his foot. He cocked his head back to glare at Kaze.

“You did it again, loser!” The others looked at Kaze in shock. All Adam did was criticize Kaze, and yet Sam threw quite a fit.

Sam refused to attend the get-together too, leaving the group behind at the hotel.

Kaze said to Adam, “I should let you know that the Lees had invited Sam to treat Narian before, but I told him not to do it.

“Sam's first commercial endorsement is for my wife's company. I told him to doit.” At that point, Kaze grinned. “You can tell me to get over myself, but Sam will not do that to me.” That was a huge slap in Adam'’s face.

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His face turned red.

The group behind Adam looked at Kaze in disbelief.

Adam said that Kaze was a loser.

Harrison kneeled before him and apologized, thinking he was the God of War.

Yet, Kaze had a highly influential figure like Sam eating out of his hand.

The group could not understand why Sam would be submissive to Kaze “Come on, babe.” Kaze took Darcy’s hand and left.

Adam scowled at their receding figures before bursting out. “Darcy, your dimwit husband has disrespected me.

If you don’t divorce him, your mother can forget ever coming back to the family.” Darcy froze.

Sensing Darcy’s emotional turmoil, Kaze stopped in his tracks and darted a look at Adam.

“you're asking for it, Adam.”