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The Fake Son Is A Billionaire Young Master

Chapter 74
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Jeff is fit for the shoot.

Jamie's cheeks flushed red as she helped Jeff fix his clothes, a small smile appearing on her lips. She had drawn a line between them, but there are things that don't need an explanation.

Elias's sudden arrival scared Jamie. She didn't expect anyone to barge in that manner. She didn't even know the person was Elias.

“What..." She hadn't finished speaking when she saw the dangerous expression filling Elias's eyes.

Elias's gaze was on Jeff, deadly and annoyed, he lunged towards Jeff and landed a punch right in his face.

“You loser!!” The sound of the impact echoed { throughout the room, swiftly followed by Elias hurling insults at Jeff with every swing of his fist.

Jamie's wide eyes darted between the two men, her voice caught in her throat as she tried to find the words to intervene.

“Who do you think you are, you loser?” Elias's voice dripped with contempt as he relentlessly attacked Jeff. His anger seemed to consume him, transforming him into a raging storm.

Jeff, fueled by both defiance and pain, fought back. His fist met Elias's face with a fierce retaliation, causing Elias to stumble backward. Jamie's heart pounded in her chest as she desperately shouted, “Stop! Please,

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stop!” The room was engulfed in chaos and hostility, emotions colliding violently just as the two clashed. Jamie's voice cracked with fear and anguish, her plea for them to cease the violence carried by a mixture of hope and desperation.

Ignoring her cries, Elias lunged at Jeff again, driven by an unyielding rage.

Jamie couldn't stand idly by any longer.

Summoning her courage, she rushed towards the altercation, throwing herself between Elias and Jeff. Her palms instinctively pushed against Jeff's chest, pleading for him to listen.

Tears welled in her eyes, and her voice trembled.

“jeff, please! Stop! This isn't who you

are!” Reluctantly, Jeff released his grip on Elias and stumbled backward, his fists slowly unclenching.

The room fell into an eerie silence, the air heavy with tension and lingering emotions.

Breathing heavily, Elias slowly rose to his feet, rubbing his aching jaw.

Neither man uttered a word as they exchanged wary glances, the violence having taken its toll on both their spirits.

Jamie desperately tried to steady her trembling hands, her body shaking from the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

As the commotion escalated in the dressing room, the sound of shuffling

feet and objects crashing to the floor caught the attention of the Crew members and Director Anderson.

They exchanged concerned glances and quickly rushed towards the source of the chaos.

Upon entering the room, they were met with a scene of utter disarray: clothes strewn everywhere, cosmetics scattered across, and Jeff and Elias standing in the midst of it all, their appearance clearly reflecting the tension that had built up.

«What in the world is going on here?” Director Anderson demanded, his voice filled with a mixture of exasperation and confusion.

Elias, his face flushed with anger and eyes blazing with arrogance, turned to face the Director. With a hint of disdain

in his voice, he scoffed, “You brought this loser to replace me? How dare you?! You know what I can do; Mr.

Anderson!” It was enough that Jeff was brought to replace him, but what the hell was he doing with Jamie? What the hell is Jamie doing with the loser? Seeing Jamie with Jeff made him lose his sanity, and the rage he had been keeping before coming here escalated within a short period.

The Director's eyes dimmed momentarily, a subtle sign of the annoyance that washed over him.

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He took a deep breath, struggling to maintain his composure. “you know what, Elias? You're not fit for the shoot anymore. jeff will be the model. Do whatever you want,” Director

Anderson retorted tersely.

“I'should do whatever I want? You will regret your actions, Director Anderson, I swear” Elias uttered, his voice tinged with anger. “He's more fit than me? I won't allow you to get away with it, including every one of you. I can't believe you replaced me with someone like him!” “What do you mean, someone like me?” Jeff cut in, his lips seeping with blood. “Just say you are pained instead of threatening others. What are you going to do, call your mummy and ask for help?” Elias's cheeks burned hearing Jeff's words. He felt the urge to punch him again. Even though he had started the fight, his face had more bruises than Jeff's face. “You are nothing and an

illegitimate son. You are worthless and trust me, you will regret saying this.” None of the people present understood Elias's statement, but it seemed that Elias and Jeff had met before.

The mention of 'the illegitimate son’ piqued their interest even more. They remembered the rumors that went around the Malfoy Family some weeks back.

Director Anderson quickly interrupted.

“you are always unprofessional, Elias.” Without pausing, he turned to the makeup artist and insisted, “Please touch up Jeff's makeup and do your best to hide your bruises. Mr. Elias should leave immediately.”

Elias couldn't believe his ears. The humiliation he felt pierced through his smug facade. Clenching his fists tightly, he felt a cauldron of anger boil inside him, ready to erupt.

He desperately searched for something to say, some retort that would prove his superiority, but all that escaped his lips were a few strained insults.

With his head held high, Elias stormed out of the dressing room, vowing to get his revenge on Jeff.

Hatred burned within him, fueling his determination to tarnish his reputation. Every step he took resonated with the fury that now consumed him.

As Elias disappeared from view, the dressing room seemed to hold its breath, the tension lingering in the air.

Director Anderson let out a heavy sigh, his frustration palpable. He turned to Jeff, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I apologize for Elias’ behavior, Jeff. He crossed a line today, and he will have to face consequences for his actions.” Jeff smiled tightly. He was the only one who knew what was going on in his mind.