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The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2986
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Chapter 2986 "Oh no!" Leon paled.

When he was fighting Brahma, he dared not to use full force precisely because he was worried that the Southern Boss and the Western Boss would attack Iris.

He was so consumed by the urge to go after Brahma that he forgot about the Southern Boss and the Western Boss.

The Southern Boss saw this as an opportunity to attack his one weakness, Iris.

Thankfully, Chandler and the Thompsons reacted in tto stall the Southern Boss.

However, the Southern Boss was powerful and cunning, so Leon knew Chandler and the others would not last long.

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He had to hurry back to save Iris Though he was about to catch up to Brahma, Brahma was one of the top martial artists in the Peak Almighty State and he was just a step away from reaching the Semi-Saint State.

This made him a rather challenging opponent.

If Leon truly wished to eliminate him, it would take stime.

However, Iris was in grave danger and the risk was multiplying by the minute.

Iris was his girlfriend and someone extremely important to her, so he could not allow anything to happen to her.

As for Brahma, he could also take him down in the future when he had the chance.

It was apparent where his priority lay.

Though reluctant, he had to give up on going after Brahma.

Without hesitation, he executed the Phantom Steps and headed the other way.

"Great! The gods are merciful!" Brahma did not expect Leon to give up and was overjoyed.

Not daring to stay any longer, he leaped out of the door and disappeared.

"Oh, no!" Meanwhile, the Southern Boss was terrified when he saw Leon returning.

He knew that Leon was far more powerful than he was and he had to capture Iris before Leon returned, or he would be doomed.

Not daring to wait any longer, he leaped into the air and got past Chandler and the others, charging toward Iris ferociously.

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"Don't you dare!" Chandler was prepared.

He extended his arm and sent a powerful attack from behind them Southern Boss in an attempt to make him give up.

Angus and the Thompsons were all too weak and could not comparen with Chandler in terms of speed or power; so they were incapable of stopping the Southern Boss. So long as Chandler's attack could hinder the Southern Boss, they could all stall him until Leon arrived. "It's now or never!" The Southern Boss's gaze sharpened.

He knew that he was supposed to counter or dodge Chandler's attack, but either option would take up stime.

Once Chandler and the Thompsons caught up to him, he would be stalled and this would hardly benefit him.

Hence, he did not counter or dodge, and simply shielded his shoulder with his true energy, before taking the blow with his shoulder. This way, he could buy tto capture Iris. X