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The Day I Kissed An Older Man by Cher the Cherished

Chapter 2001
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Chapter 2001 The receptionist hurriedly walked up to Helen to stop her. "Ma'am, you can't just go in." The infuriated Helen pushed the receptionist aside and attempted to enter, but the gate would not budge.

Unable to stop her, the receptionist shouted for security. Two guards swiftly arrived and lifted Helen away, one on each side, to escort her out of the company.

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Despite her struggles, Helen could not break free. Realizing she was about to be thrown out, she shouted loudly, "I'm Melody's mother! She knows the president of this company! He'll punish you if you just throwout like this!" Coincidentally, Sherman had just returned to the company from outside. He did not want to get involved in the lobby's commotion. However, upon hearing the woman claiming to be Melody's mother, Sherman involuntarily stopped.

"Let her go." Sherman walked over, sporting a faint smile. "Ma'am, did you just say you are Melody's mother?" Helen rubbed her arm, which was sore from being pulled, and appraised the man in front of her. "Yes, I am Melody's mother. Who are you?" "I am the president of Parr Group, the person you're looking for." When Helen heard the man in front of her was the president of Parr Group, her expression immediately changed. She flashed an ingratiating smile at him, saying, "So, you're the president of Parr Group! I'm Melody's mother. I've cto inquire about my daughter's situation." Though unclear about why Helen cto ask about Melody, Sherman-out of respect for her being Melody's mother-courteously led her to his office.

"Please have a seat, Missus Sander," invited Sherman, guiding Helen to a chair and personally pouring her a glass of water. "What would you like to know about Melody?" As Helen looked around the luxuriously decorated office, she suddenly felt a sense of longing. Moreover, the president of such a large company treating her with such courtesy made her feel like a person of high status. This was the first tin her life that she had been treated this way, and the feeling was truly wonderful.

"I tried calling her, but she didn't answer. Knowing that you two are acquainted, I had no choice but to chere and ask you how she's doing," Helen said, her expression carrying a hint of resentment when she mentioned Melody. "That girl is really good at making people worry about her." In their conversation, Sherman sensed that Helen seemed somewhat dissatisfied with her daughter. He did not know the details of Melody's family situation, but it seemed more complicated than he first assumed.

"Melody has been quite busy lately. Perhaps she didn't hear your calls! ad How about ! give her a call and ask her to cover? What do you think?" Helen sensed that Sherman definitely had a special connection with Melody. Knowing that, she smiled and nodded.

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Sherman immediately called Melody, and his call was quickly answered.' Hello, Melody. Do you have a moment?" "What's up?" Melody responded while submitting job applications on her computer.

Sherman glanced at Helen sitting across from him and explained, "Well, your mom is currently at my company. She said she couldn't reach you by phone."

"What?!" Surprised to hearthat Helen went to Parr Group, Melody o m immediately put down her work. "She found her way to your place?" X